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Depending on your worldview, you will see the following Twitter exchange as either an exercise in pettiness on my part, or a clear demonstration how ego-investment in theology makes a man utterly incapable of basic logic.

Either way, enjoy the show. (The most important bits are at the end.)

I didn’t bother pointing out that saying Romans 3 is where Paul describes “the nature of man’s fallen state” is a “snuck premise” (i.e. presenting the very point of contention as a given.)

His final statement reveals the root issue.

I suspect Michael’s core philosophy is not unlike most pastors.

His highest allegiance is to his theology.

Theology is the altar upon which unity, reason, and the pursuit of truth are sacrificed.

And Michael is one of the few “good guys” left in the church that advocates positive masculinity.

Just imagine the damage one could do if he shared the same allegiance to theology and was anti-male…

If pointing out these inconsistencies makes me a heretic, then a heretic I shall be. I will do my best to be a friendly one… or at least a somewhat entertaining one.