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After years of reading the Bible to your wife, do you feel disappointed that she hasn’t transformed into that radiant woman without “spot or wrinkle” that biblical husbandry is supposed to bring about?

If you do, you’re not alone.

After several years of trying the standard “daily devotion” approach to spiritual leadership, I abandoned it completely. I threw away all my nifty “Bible in a Year” plans. I no longer do a structured family worship time.


Simply because I wasn’t seeing results. There was no spiritual fruit.

What I do instead is far more simple and more effective in my experience.

I think some men have intuitively figured out this method, but I’ve never seen or heard it explained before.

I’ve detailed how the method works in a 3,394 word guest article on Sigma Frame. It’s the most in-depth “how to” article I’ve published to date. I recommend bookmarking it and reading it through as you’re able. If you have any questions about the method, leave me a comment.

After you’ve read the explanation, you can download a one-page summary of the method that you can print out for reference.