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I’ve written this before, but it’s worth clarifying:

Women are easily deceived. A man should not trust a woman for advice.

On the surface, this might sound like asshole posturing, but I mean it as a simple statement of fact.

Women are malleable and submit to authority. What they advise is not a result of strategic thinking or careful analysis. Rather, they are restating what an authority told her. Women are valuable as communicators and connectors. But they will spread whatever narrative they perceive to be most authoritative. But, as a man ought to know, authority can be faked and women can be tricked.

man should not trust a woman for advice. But a woman can advise other women or children just fine.

A man should not trust a woman for advice. He shouldn’t accept her advice simply on the basis of who she is. He can consider it on it’s own merit and, if necessary, ignore it.

A man should not trust a woman for advice. A woman’s perspective can be valuable. But advice has to do with navigating through life and making strategic decisions about how to advance one’s dominion. Women value safety and security over risk and victory. Her advice will lead to poverty and defeat if followed through to it’s full course.