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My biological father has an IQ of 145.

He’s had his share of down times. When we reconnected years after the divorce, he told me,

“You know, sometimes I wish I could just be fat, dumb and happy. Life seems easier that way.”

I’m not sure my IQ. Probably not high enough to be noteworthy.

But I did have enough perception in 7th grade to recognize that the way we were educated was fundamentally broken.

That awareness led me to self-correct my deficiencies in critical reading.

But it came at a cost…

6 years of misery being forced to get a bullshit education.

I figured college would be better.

It wasn’t.

But I didn’t have the confidence or ability to set out on my own, so I stuck with it and got my degree (and $30K in debt.)

After college, I took a $12/h writing job for a “search engine optimization” agency.

At first I was happy. I was getting paid to write.

But soon I began to detect that the company was dishonest.

We used short-term tactics that made us look good but would harm the client later.

Here’s a sure combination to make a man miserable:

1. Intelligence
2. Ethics
3. Low confidence

Everywhere I worked, I saw systemic problems that would lead to harm.

But I lacked the confidence to confront the corruption. I needed the money.

Honestly, before I managed to get some decent freelancing clients, the best job I had was alpaca poop scooping…

The objective was clear and useful. The repetitive scooping induced a pleasant trance. 

And I had plenty of time to think.

I could go on, but here’s my point:

If you are a man with relatively high intelligence, you will be absolutely MISERABLE until you have confidence.

The world is run by overconfident idiots who shame intelligent men into silence.

Let’s change that. Go here next: