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I’ve never personally been exposed to gay culture. But this story told in a recent email by Antonio Cortez echoes the descriptions I’ve heard from my father:

When I was in college, I had a friend, his name was Marcus. He was in the dance program, and he was flamboyantly, hysterically GAY.

Gay with a capital G.

He was a 6’3 black guy with an athlete’s build, probably would have been a phenomenal football/basketball/baseball player, but he was a dancer.

A gay black dancer that fulfilled every stereotype you could think of that comes with a designation.

Marcus and I always got along, as I was essentially the only heterosexual male in the entire department, and being highly masculine myself, I was a definite counterbalance to pretty much everyone I was around.

And when I say got along, I mean he drove me fucking insane most of the time and he always semi joking claiming he was going to rape me.

Its hysterical to think about now, as I realize most people have never been truly exposed to Gay male cutlure, but gay men are the most sexually aggressive, promiscuous, and probably disgusting by most “proper” standards you can imagine. There is a reason the gay men carry the most STDs and use ridiculous amounts of drugs, they are constantly screwing each other and swapping partners.

Two thoughts occurred to me after I read that story:

First, it makes sense to me why God prohibited male-on-male sex in Leviticus and Paul referred to the act as “abandoning the natural use of the woman” and how they “received in themselves the due penalty of their error.” The sin, at it its root, is an improper channeling of aggressive masculine sexual energy. God intended for this energy to be directed towards a woman.

My second thought was that a man can do well with women by positioning himself in an arena where there is an overrepresentation of females and almost no masculine heterosexual men.

Anthony is an interesting alpha male. He’s a high testosterone red pilled ballet dancer who’s fanatical about fitness. Hard to beat that unique positioning. (I recommend following his daily email tips. He’s got some good stuff.)