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I think this is why most Christians struggle to find the truth today:

The fact that scholars disagree among themselves does not change the fact of our own accountability to God. Conversely, we must realize that understanding is ultimately the gift of God (cp Prov.25:2; Col.2:3; 1 Cor.3:5-9). If understanding is not granted to certain scholars, that does not mean that neither will it be granted to us. Let us earnestly seek the truth, endeavoring by God’s grace to become competent workers in His Word. Faithfulness is developed through our own efforts; yet it is achieved solely by and in God’s grace (1 Cor.4:7; 15:10; cf John 3:27).

– Excerpt from “Scripture Translation Principles” by James Coram [emphasis mine]

Most people want to outsource their thinking. This is a bad idea. Even the most educated cannot agree. Use experts when helpful, but do not depend on them to give you the whole truth.

If you truly want to know the truth, pray to God for understanding. You will find what you’re seeking… one way or another.