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A man would do well to ponder this chart if he wishes to have success in the bedroom:

(From the book, The ONE Thing by Gary Keller.)

Here’s a red pill interpretation:

Scenario: your wife isn’t having sex with you.

Here’s the path of accountability:

  1. Why doesn’t she want to have sex with me? (Seeks Reality)
  2. This is the way women are. (Acknowledges Reality)
  3. If I’m going to get laid, it’s up to me. (Owns It)
  4. What can I do? (Finds Solution)
  5. O.K. I’m going to try it and see how she responds. (Gets On With It)

Here’s the path of victimhood:

  1. Suffers in silence or complains without asking questions. (Avoids Reality)
  2. Rejects red pill truths or claims his case is different. (Fights Reality)
  3. “The Bible says a wife is supposed to submit to her husband! If she would quit being rebellious…” (Blames)
  4. “I can’t make her submit to me. That’s on her.” (Personal Excuses)
  5. “I’m turning it over to God. If He wants to change her heart, it’ll happen.” (Waits & Hopes)

Remember: a victim is sexually repulsive to women. But a man who takes charge of his life gets what he wants.