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If you are an evil person, here’s a great way to generate all the wealth and power you want for life.

It works like this:

First, exalt an artificial ideal that sounds noble but runs contrary to human instinct.

You might be wondering how you can get people to do things that are unnatural?


Use fear.

There are 6 basic fears every human has:

  • fear of poverty
  • fear of criticism
  • fear of bad health
  • fear of being alone
  • fear of old age
  • fear of death

Associating an unnatural (but noble-sounding) ideal to one or more of these fears is the foundation of control.

Here’s what happens:

The target, motivated by fear, will strive towards the ideal.

Yet the lack of natural motivation guarantees the target will never reach the ideal. (Plus the ideal is ambiguous and so the standard can always be increased if needed.)

So the target strives towards the ideal for a short time, but of course he falls short. This creates an opportunity to shame him. It is also usually the best time to sell him a “solution.”

This phenomenon doesn’t just happen once. It repeats itself perpetually.

We can create an insatiable artificial need out of thin air… simply be leveraging fear.

Can you see the potential here?

I know this is abstract, so here’s a few examples of some successful campaigns to inspire you:

“Man up.”

The context here implies that if the man doesn’t “man up” for his woman, she’s going to leave him.

The man does not feel like devoting his free time to serving his wife, but he doesn’t want to be alone. So he tries to “help out more” and do more acts of service for her.

This is a great time to sell marriage books & seminars, men’s retreats, etc.

And then after his short-lived attempt to “man up” fails, remind him again how short he’s falling. Leverage the shame to sell him more seminars.

“Work hard”

“Work hard” is a great line that has been used to successfully control men for some time now.

The context implies that those who “work hard” stay employed. And no man wants to be subjected to poverty.

Man’s natural instinct is to conserve his energy for only the most important tasks. But if he’s striving to be a “hard worker” there is no limit to the hours of labor that can be extracted from him.

He will gladly invent “busy work” just to show his manager how hard he’s working.

This ideal is doubly effective because not only does it appeal to a man’s fear of poverty, but also to his fundamental instinct to be a provider.

“Sexual purity”

Another effective campaign introduced in religious cultures.

Men like naked women. But they also don’t want to go to hell.

This creates unlimited demand for confessions and “sexual purity” education.