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This is the last post I will write on this blog.

I will be devoting my attention to my new site

Saving Eve was a year long writing project that led to some important discoveries. In the end, I decided the theme was not quite right for the times.

What young men need today is not so much “sexual strategy.” What they need is to define themselves as men and regain their confidence.

Sex is an important part of manhood, but no sexual strategy will help you until you can stand up straight as a man.

The manosphere has done a great job in exposing the lies of feminism. Many young men are waking up to the fact that there is a war on masculinity.

But I believe there is still deeper deception that is not being addressed. And this deception has originated from within the church… “Churchianity.”

It is essential that today’s God-fearing men learn to stand up for themselves and not fear the “authority” of the church’s toxic interpretations of Scripture.

My new blog will probably appeal to a narrower audience. But I’d rather write for a few passionate men than a larger number of apathetic men.

I will be writing for tribe builders… for men who want to become heroes and build a better future.

And the next beast we must slay is Churchianity.

I will leave this blog up so you can browse the archives. But for my future work, you can find me here: