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Note: This is the first installment of a special series on core masculinity concepts. I intend to eventually edit these posts and turn them into an ebook. Tentative title: Think Like a Man. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments.

The core essence of man is the imago dei – the image of God.

If we fail to grasp this concept, we will fail to understand what it means to be a man.

In Hebrew, the image of God is two concepts joined together:

tselem – something “cut out” and thus bearing resemblance to the thing it was cut out from

Elohim – expresses Yahweh (God) as in charge, the Creator, the all-powerful ruler who establishes the scenes of life.

Man was “cut out” of Elohim when He breathed His spirit into man’s lifeless body. And so it is that man’s core instinct is to create, to rule, and order his environment to his liking. He was created from the very spirit of God – the Supreme Creator and All-Powerful Ruler of the universe.

In short, we can refer to this as the “King” archetype.

A king wants to create life… and so he seeks out fertility: fertile ground, fertile minds, fertile women.

A king wants to rule over his environment… so he studies the world and learns to classify and conceptualize so he can better control and arrange his environment.

And a good king wants to bless… so he seeks out subjects underneath him and gives them his praise and approval for their good qualities. He empowers them to grow and thrive according to their design.

Never underestimate the blessing of a king. The blessing of a king is the difference between wealth and poverty, happiness and misery, and, in some cases, even life and death.

Every man has the power to be a king. Few men tap into that power.

And man’s core power is this:

He can change his environment in order to bring forth fruit.

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