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I’ve written before how I think the government wants to do to American men the same thing they did to the American Indians.

Namely, rather than fight the man directly, they want to take the fight out of the man until he becomes a passive dependent suckling at the government’s teat. A recent Rasmussen report gives a hint of what might be coming next:

Senator Bernie Sanders is looking ahead to the 2020 presidential election with a proposed federal government program that guarantees all Americans a job with health insurance. Nearly half of voters like the idea.

Step 1: “We’ll take away all uncertainty and provide a job for you. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Step 2: “Turns out there’s no longer any productive work for you to do. How about if we just give you a monthly check?”

Step 3: “Oh, you’re feeling sexually frustrated and lonely? Here, have a sex robot. It’s on us. We take care of our boys.”

Step 4: “Here’s your voting guide for the next election. We have your best interest in mind. Don’t listen to those crazy conspiracy theorists who say that we’re evil.”