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Dalrock has done the church a great service by exposing the feminist narrative that has infiltrated the church.

Unfortunately, intentionally or not, he has also facilitated an equally demotivating paradigm. This tends to happen in reactionary movements.

Here’s a comparison:

The Churchian Story

  1. She is unhappy.
  2. She is sacrificing for the family. He is not helping out enough around the home.
  3. She feels neglected. She doesn’t want sex because she doesn’t feel loved.
  4. She discovers he is looking at pornography.
  5. He realizes he has been a bad husband.
  6. He agrees to “man up” and become a better “servant leader.”
  7. She’s still unhappy. He gives up on the program.
  8. He goes back to looking at porn. She has an affair.
  9. She files for divorce.
  10. She concludes her ex-husband broke the marriage bond first by committing adultery (lust / pornography).
  11. He concludes that his “sexual sin” drove away a good woman and tore apart his family.
  12. He passes this story on to other men. He warns them: “Don’t be a failure like I was.”

Core Worldview:

  • Women understand the relationship needs better than men.
  • All men struggle with lust, but they must fight against it.

The Dalrock Fanboy Story

  1. You are unhappy.
  2. She is cold and frigid.
  3. You face a heavy burden of leadership.
  4. You realize that she is sinning by not submitting to you.
  5. You tell her the Bible says she needs to submit.
  6. She does not submit.
  7. You conclude she is, by fundamental nature, opposed to your will.
  8. You learn a few “game” techniques to cope with her unpleasantness.
  9. You take comfort knowing other men face the same struggles. You privately feed off the undercurrent of bitter cynicism towards the sins of women.

Core Worldview:

  • Man is called to lead; women are called to submit.
  • Woman’s sinful nature prevents her from submitting.

This story is closer to the truth, but it cannot lead to victory. There is a third paradigm…

The Kingdom Story

  1. You are both unhappy.
  2. You have constant conflicts.
  3. She is rebellious. You feel like a failure.
  4. The sex dries up.
  5. You realize that the serpent has deceived your woman.
  6. You use your skill and strength to destroy the serpent’s work.
  7. You reclaim your kingdom.
  8. You become a king fit to rule in God’s kingdom.
  9. She becomes radiant and obtains imperishable beauty as she devotes herself to her savior-king.
  10. You live happily ever after (in bed).

Core Worldview:

  • Women are malleable and submit to the one who conquers.
  • Satan is crafty and has dethroned us and captured our women.

Think carefully on which paradigm you’re operating under. Where does the story end?

Are you choosing the story that leads to victory? Or are you protecting your own ego?

The prize belongs to the one who conquers.