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I recently read an article by Tiago Forte about the importance of the “Annual Review” that inspired me to write this post.

Don’t know if it will be relevant to you. It’s all about myself. But perhaps you’ll find some nuggets of value in it.

I’ve taken the questions directly from Tiago’s system and wrote my answers below. Since this is my first review, I’m covering recent memory rather than just a year.

What are you grateful for this past year?

Discovering the work of N.N. Taleb. I consider his Incerto series to be an essential resource for surviving in modern times.

The red pill philosophy. Opened my eyes to the realities of intersexual dynamics and has been a critical tool for improving my marriage.

My years of copywriting training are paying off. My writing skills are good enough now where potential clients consistently impressed with my samples. It feels good to have a skill that can be used to provide for my family.

Discovering the work of Andre Chaperon. My industry (online marketing) is facing a crisis. It’s getting increasingly expensive to buy attention and the value of that attention is rapidly decreasing. Everything is devolving into clickbaiting and tricks. The old-school methods are less effective. The users are getting tired of it and there is growing mistrust between marketers and users. Andre is the only guy I’ve found with a workable (and sustainable) solution to this problem.

Discovering the Concordant Literal New Testament. This is by far the best Bible translation I’ve found to date. The original Greek meanings of words are unmasked, yet it still reads pretty well in English.

List your 3 top wins for the year

Surviving as a freelancer. Both my wife and I are doing freelance work. And we’re paying the bills. By the end of the school year, my wife should be able to come home full time. Soon enough, we should be time and location independent. It was a difficult transition, but we made it through the hardest part.

Cutting out junk food. I stopped eating foods with vegetable oil and added a lot more protein to my diet. My energy levels have improved considerably. I also feel like my cognitive abilities have improved.

Clarity on my personal philosophy. I was inspired to condense my beliefs down to a single sentence after listening to this podcast. There is tremendous focusing power in this. Mine is derived from 2 Timothy: Suffer shame together in service of the King.

What are the 3 biggest lessons you’ve learned this year?

How to recognize deception (courtesy of Vox Day.)

The Circle of Safety. (more on this later.)

Start with 2 Timothy. The rest of the Bible will make little sense until you do. 2 Timothy was the final update on Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles and clues you in on what to focus on.

What were the risks you took?

Developing myself instead of pursuing money. This was risky because external pressures were saying I needed to be “hustling” for money. I still worked and made some money. But I spent a large portion of my time developing my beliefs, defining myself as a man, forming habits, etc. I think it will pay off.

Asking questions instead of remaining silent. Up to this point, I’ve had the habit of remaining silent when I notice authority figures making mistakes. This year, I’ve decided to speak up and ask questions. I initiated an important discussion with my pastor over a problem I believe to be of fundamental importance. Outcome yet to be determined.

Putting money on the line to test my ideas. Over the past few years, I’ve probably put up a good $5,000 or so testing my various business ideas. None of them worked, but I gained valuable information I would have never learned if I didn’t have “skin in the game.”

What was your most loving service?

Bettering myself as a man so I can properly lead and protect my family.

What is your unfinished business from this year?

I have at least a few assets that I could monetize if I need to. I’ve worked for two high profile clients as a copywriter. I also have a potential case study I could put together for some results I got for a real estate investor. And I’ve been into self-improvement for a good six or seven years now, so I have insights I could teach.

What are you most happy about completing?

I wrote the first draft of what I believe to be the most important article I’ve ever written. I think it will help solve a fundamental problem that a lot of young men are struggling with. Need to do some editing, but will be publishing soon.

Who were the three people that had the greatest impact on your life this year?

Andre Chaperon – leading with empathy
Ben Settle – not being a sucker in business and life
A.J.A. Cortes – masculine development and the importance of physical health

What was your biggest surprise?

Learning that God is much more gracious and kind then we acknowledge. He is nothing like the controlling father ready to criticize you for every misstep you make. Rather, He delights in you and who you are becoming.

What compliment would you liked to have received?

“You are becoming skilled at handling the Word of Truth.”

What else do you need to do or say to be complete with this year?

Need to finish up that article mentioned above and launch my new site: The Red Pill Bible Guy.

What one word or phrase best sums up and describes your experience this year?


What stories from last year are you letting go of?

I’m no longer a naive little boy struggling to find his way in the world.

I do not serve a moralistic or prudish God who is ready to condemn. I serve a gracious God who is eager to save.