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If there’s one phrase that could describe the era we’re living in, it’s “the death of the average.”

It’s already been happening in the business/marketing world – nobody hires the second best applicant, chooses the second best product, or uses the second best network.

It’s #1 or starve.

Now we’re heading towards the same thing in the sexual market:

Soon enough, the majority of men will be off the sexual market. The competition will between the alpha males she knows and anonymous sperm donations sold as “good genes.”

Never underestimate a woman’s hypergamous drive for good seed… or the average man’s preference for convenience and avoidance of pain when it comes to getting sexual release.

Hypergamy + convenience will be the death of the average man. He will literally exit the gene pool.

Obviously, if these two forces play out unhindered, there will be a major disruption to the nuclear family model as the cultural norm. The vast majority of women will be unable to find men for monogamous long-term pairing… unless said men can be convinced to give up their easy life of government welfare, video games, and unlimited sex with robots that “feel better than the real thing.”

The future is unpredictable. There may be some unforeseen event that changes this trajectory. But the biological, economic, and political incentives for “saving the common man” are quickly disappearing.

On the one hand, I feel sympathy for the average man. He really did get screwed over by all the institutions that promised him a good life.

On the other hand, with the exception of height, every quality that increases a man’s sexual market value can be improved through training. So this crisis will likely force a lot of men to pull themselves together and become the man they were meant to be.

“The obstacle is the way.”

The silver lining to this is that mass culture does not equal micro culture. Wherever a tiny kingdom exists of both men and women who share the same values, there will be marriage.

Of course, if the church keeps shaming men and driving them away, the men will have to build their kingdoms elsewhere…