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Here’s a practical way to test how smart you are.

A woman will often make demonstrably false statements about topics she is unqualified to judge. Furthermore, her argument will either have no point or her point won’t have any reason.

Don’t be fooled by the surface. She is not making an argument.

She is testing your intelligence.

Deep down in her loins, she wants you to intellectually humiliate her. This reassures her that she’s not married to an idiot.

While there’s different ways to demonstrate superior intelligence. Here’s one way to do it:*

  1. Ask her “what’s your point?” or “why?”
  2. Point out how she’s not qualified to have an accurate opinion
  3. Correct her

In situations like these, the point is not to change her mind. The point is to demonstrate that you’re smarter than her. No woman wants to be married to a man of inferior intelligence.

* Lest anyone think I’m being unfair to women, this is how you can challenge ANY one who spouts off nonsense, not just women. But men expect to have their opinions challenged so they normally have a good reason behind what they say. And men normally remain silent when they can’t back up their opinions. Women, on the other hand…