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This post is a mind dump of thoughts for future development. You may safely ignore if you have no interest in my undeveloped musings.

  • The alpha male can be described as one who gives a confident display of good looks and intelligence. These attributes signal to the woman that the man has good genes and hence good sperm.
  • The field of epigenetics tells us that our “gene expression” can change based on what we eat, where we live, who we interact with, etc. In other words, one’s DNA code is only the starting point, not the final destination.
  • Similarly, our habits can highlight or hide our genetic potential. For instance, poor hygiene, poor grooming, or poor diet can mask what would otherwise be an attractive man. Similarly, a lack of communication skill can mask an otherwise intelligent mind. This is the Golden Rule of genetic display: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • The “ideal man” that a woman imagines plays a relatively insignificant role in determining whether she will submit her body to a man. The most important factors for sexual suggestibility are authority and frame.
  • A man can display authority through his looks by dressing and grooming like someone who should be taken seriously. This creates perceived authority before a word is even spoken.
  • A man can display intellectual authority by adapting similar language patterns of his intellectual superiors. One exercise I’ve been trying is watching videos of Vox Day and NN Taleb and making note of how they describe things with intellectual authority. For example, instead of “this person is full of B.S.” it becomes “this person shows signs of a fundamentally dishonest mind.” Or instead of saying “I disagree” they go straight to the point and talk about a “lack of integrity.” They remain calm and confident in their delivery and it inspires instinctive submission in the listener.
  • Frame is the context in which one interprets information. We don’t process information in a vacuum. We try to fit it into a story… what does it mean?
  • The first heard story sets the frame. Frame control is not so much about tapping into an elusive sense of confidence as it is about providing explanations to novel information before she can interpret it herself.
  • There are three primary methods a man can use control the frame:
    • Providing the first explanation to an unexpected event
    • Telling stories
    • Ignoring or dismissing explanations that do not fit his frame
  • Ignoring her frame is not enough. A man has to interpret the events of life and tell stories if he’s going to hold the dominant frame.
  • Frame control is a display of superior intelligence. If a man is able to process new information and come to a meaningful conclusion quicker than his woman, she instinctively knows he’s a worthy man to submit to.