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The sexual market value test for married men is ready!

A couple words of warning before you take this…

Keep in mind that this is not a test designed to flatter your ego. Expect to get a low score. It’s a tool for learning, not a means to signal your status.

Think of it like college. It’s kinda like you’re studying to get a degree in “Masculinity.” This is a tool to determine whether you can “test out” of any of the required courses. But it’s safest to assume you’ll have to start out at 0 or even take some remedial courses.

Each point on the test is like a “credit.” It takes work to earn each credit. You need to earn a sufficient number of credits to graduate at the level of masculinity you wish to achieve.

Finally, realize that this is not a knowledge test. It will be obvious what the “right” answer is. It’s an inventory test… do you have the asset or not? It does you no good to be dishonest. Nobody will care about your score. It only matters what you have in reality.

So with all that blathering aside, here’s the link:

>> Take the Married Man SMV Test Here <<