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Sex robot builder Dr. Sergi Santos articulates the philosophy behind the creation:

“I don’t see a problem with [getting divorced]. We are not objects, and nobody belongs to anybody. If everybody in the world divorced and got a sex doll, I wouldn’t mind. I’d say, ‘if they got what they wanted, why not?’

It’s difficult to precisely predict what will happen as a result of the sex robot trend. But one thing is certain: the church is in for a “Black Swan” event.*

Monogamy, in the current climate, is a fragile institution. The majority of men and women are unhappy and sex robots will likely be seen as a welcomed escape. (Keep in mind, there will be both female and male robots.)

The church has failed to acknowledge that women want to have sex with winners and despise losers. After decades of training men to act like losers and then convincing wives that her husband is, indeed, a loser, the church has helped create a golden opportunity for the sex robot industry.

In typical fashion, I predict that the church will continue to ignore the underlying problem. They will rail against the evils of the sex robots and double down on the “marriage is holy” rhetoric. They will especially double down on anti-male rhetoric, saying how cruel it is to women to choose sex robots. They need to “man up” and better serve their wives!

Ironically, the unintended consequences of this male bashing will be the destruction of the very institution they are desperately trying to defend. Tell men that they’re failures and sinners for long enough and they’ll eventually just give up and take the easy way out.

The only marriages that have a reasonable chance of surviving are the ones where the woman feels lucky to be married to her man. Perhaps the robot competition will help spur those emotions. Who knows…

* A “black swan” is an unpredictable or unforeseen event, typically with extreme consequences. The more confident and invested one is in the correctness of his opinion, the more devastating the effects of a black swan that proves his opinion wrong. While it’s to impossible to predict precisely what will happen, one can prepare for black swan events by identifying cultural beliefs that are held as infallible and sacred without sufficient skepticism. (For more on black swans see N.T. Taleb’s The Black Swan.)