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I recently read a fascinating observation in Napoleon Hill’s The Law of Success (published 1928):

The brain of a human being may be compared to an electric battery in that it will become exhausted or run down, causing the owner of it to feel despondent, discouraged and lacking in “pep.” Who is so fortunate as never to have had such a feeling? The human brain, when in this depleted condition, must be recharged, and the manner in which this is done is through contact with a more vital mind or minds. The great leaders understand the necessity of this “recharging” process, and, moreover, they understand how to accomplish this result. THIS KNOWLEDGE IS THE MAIN FEATURE WHICH DISTINGUISHES A LEADER FROM A FOLLOWER!

Fortunate is the person who understands this principle sufficiently well to keep his or her brain vitalized or “recharged” by periodically contacting it with a more vital mind. Sexual contact is one of the most effective of the stimuli through which a mind may be recharged, providing the contact is intelligently made, between man and woman who have genuine affection for each other. Any other sort of sexual relationship is a devitalizer of the mind…

…all of the great leaders, in whatever walks of life they have arisen, have been and are people of highly sexed natures.

…The most effective alliances, which have resulted in the creation of the principle known as “The Master Mind,” have been developed out of blending the minds of men and women. The reason for this is the fact that the minds of male and female will more readily blend in harmony than the minds of males. Also, the added stimulus of sexual contact often enters into the development of a “Master Mind” between a man and a woman. 

In my experience, I’ve found this to be true. Sexual contact makes the female mind pliable and capable of completely blending with (i.e. submitting to) a man’s purpose. Under the right conditions, it is possible for a man and a woman to be in complete harmony.

On the other hand, I’ve found it impossible to achieve a state of total harmony with other men. We can get along fine and agree on the big picture. We can come together to achieve an immediate goal. But stay together long enough and discuss philosophy or strategy and there’s bound to be differences of opinions.

Take this blog for example. I highly doubt any of my male readers agree with everything I write. It’s in a man’s nature (and to his advantage) to be disagreeable to an extent.

(Perhaps this is why God considers it “an abomination” for a man to attempt a sexual union with another man; there can be no harmony like between a man and a woman.)

Women, on the other hand, are capable of cult-like devotion to an authority figure. The correctness of his ideas depends on his power, not his reasoning. Ideally this authority should be her husband. But she’ll eventually find someone or something to fill the void if she perceives her husband is unworthy of respect.

And sex doesn’t just help women. You’re helping everyone. You recharge your mind and become more confident, making you a better leader to other men.

It really is in the community’s best interest to encourage lots of sex.

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