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(Caption reads: [Woman] “Sex really isn’t that important in a relationship to be honest.” [Commenter: “I’ve never seen a bigger cry for help in a man’s eyes.” Source)

Rumor has it that this viral image was captured from a Christian documentary about “purity through marriage.” Wouldn’t surprise me.

All Satan has to do to make the church impotent is emasculate the men. Make them feel guilty about their sexuality. Make them feel like they’re sinning every day just for being a man. Turn them into eunuchs (i.e. servant “leaders”). Make them submit to their wives. Cut off all channels of help. Make them feel trapped and hopeless.

And raise up church leaders who reinforce this narrative and cast out those who speak against it.

It has taken many years to do this and Satan has almost succeeded. But there is a remnant of righteous men who refuse to submit to this wicked agenda. The bride of Christ will not be so easily debased.