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You dip your hand into the bowl hoping to get an orange one.

There are 9 other flavors… so you might not get an orange one when you first try. But the bowl is huge and you can dip your hand in as many times as you want (no penalty for “double dipping.”)

This is the essence of the abundance mindset.

Life is a big bowl of jelly beans and you can get whatever you want if you just keep plunging your greedy little hands into the bowl hoping for the right flavor.

There’s thousands of new insights and ideas you haven’t had yet.

There’s thousands of people that could give you money.

There’s thousands of women who might be willing to marry you.

There’s thousands of more opportunities to initiate sex with your wife.

But those thousands of perfect beans you’re looking for are mixed in with millions of beans of a different flavor. So keep digging. And don’t panic if you make a blunder and drop one of the good ones on the floor.

Hopefully this makes sense. I’m going to end this analogy before it gets out of hand.