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I imagine it won’t be long before we start hearing this sort of rhetoric from churchian pulpits:

Silence doesn’t mean consent. Her not resisting or saying “no, please stop” doesn’t constitute “affirmative consent”. So really, the only way to make sure that consent is present is for the man to continue asking her throughout the encounter: “Is this OK? Can I keep doing this? Is this thrust OK with you? Is THIS thrust OK? Can I thrust again? How about this one? Can I keep going? Do you want me to stop?”

If that did NOT happen, if the man did not get EXPRESS, VERBAL statements that he could continue, then yes, there was sexual assault.

(You can read the full article over at Rational Male.)

To a woman, that kind of sex would be like an annoying waiter that interrupts your dinner every five minutes to ask if “everything is okay.”

Sadly, this “consensual sex” policy isn’t so far removed from how Christian guys are taught to approach their wife.

I think we’re going to see a great divide in quality of sexual experience among Christians in the near future:

A minority will accept red pill truths about women and collectively discover how to have mind blowing sex.

The rest will become so sexually retarded that they’ll give up on sex altogether.