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Hunter Drew over at the Family Alpha has a great tip for how to respond to the “how was your day at work?” routine:

You need to be the man with the plan, whether you’re the boss or not it makes no difference. How you carry yourself and how you present your work to your wife is all that matters. If you can make her feel as though you’ve got it going on at work, you’re golden.

If you are just a worker in a cube, be the best fucking worker in that cube. If all you do all day is surf reddit, you don’t tell your wife that. You tell her how you managed the funds of whatever, coordinated that strategic implementation of whatever, or how you had to run your team of 5 guys to accomplish what the fuck ever.

It’s worth taking a couple minutes each day to figure out how to spin your workday into a tale of personal conquest. She doesn’t want to know how difficult your day was. She wants a leader, not a whiner.