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In order for a man to become a king, he must claim his territory.

By nature, you cannot have two men occupying the same position. You cannot have two men ruling the same household.

It is for this reason that a man needs the spirit of the Warrior.

The world is mostly run by evil emperors who are fueled by greed. If they had it their way, you would simply remain a cog in their profit machine. They may “allow” you to marry, but they’d rather you not claim your woman by regularly “plowing her field” and seeding her.

No. Conquering a woman produces too much confidence in a man.

And they certainly don’t want you ruling your own household… let alone leading a tribe of people.

Warriors are a threat to established order. Because warriors mark out territory where the established rule is weak and claim it for themselves. Or rather, they claim it for THE King and rule over it on His behalf.

What would the established emperors do if there were thousands of kings ruling over their own little kingdoms? The consolidation of power would be lost.

But these emperors have a major flaw in their defense: they are fragile. They do not respond well to change. In fact, they try their damnedest to suppress it.

But they cannot stop it. For change is the way of life.

And so it is that the Warrior has an opportunity to claim a new domain.

The emperors attempt to keep the populace in fear of change. “Change is a threat to your way of life” they say.

But the Warrior sees opportunity.

Every significant change reveals a crack in the Empire’s armor. One that a well-prepared warrior can exploit.

The warrior is more mature than the mere skirmisher. The skirmisher is simply looking for a fight. He demands revolution and wants change now.

The warrior recognizes that warfare is about preparation and waiting for the opportune time to act. The warrior waits patiently for his time. In some cases, this patience can even span multiple generations of preparation.

The warrior spends most of his time waiting, but he must not hesitate to seize new territory when the opportunity arises.

Practically speaking, the warrior devotes himself to the following areas of preparation:

  • Physical training – a warrior must remain fit so that he has energy to act when opportunity arises
  • Spiritual training – defining what you believe, based on your own study, and enduring shame from those who hate the truth. The man who’s conscience is bound to the opinions of others is not fit to rule.
  • Trends – both technological and social. Changes create holes. A hole is an opportunity for a new king to arise.
  • Antifragility – setting up yourself and your household to benefit from stress rather than break. This applies to every area of your life: your beliefs, finances, education, health, everything.

The warrior spends most of his time in preparation. It is not expedient to attack before the establishment begins to crumble. But he certainly does not hesitate when the time is ripe.

Carpe diem – “seize the day.”