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I stumbled across this hard-hitting bit of advice from the Vox Day archives:

The solution is simple. It is very simple and it’s very effective. If a woman physically attacks you in a manner that indicates her serious intent to harm you, then you beat the living shit out of her. Beat her so badly, so painfully, that she fears for her life.

– Vox Day, “What to do when a girl hits you”

At first glance, this is shocking to read, but Vox brings up an important point about female nature.

Women are primarily motivated by fear… and they have a different relationship with fear than men do.

Women instinctively submit to those they fear the most. And fear in the presence of power is an instinctive arousal trigger to women.

Furthermore, it seems that women despise male passivity and respond with aggressiveness, verbal abuse and (in some cases) even physical violence towards the docile male.

Most men do not live with a physically violent woman, so Vox’s advice would not apply.

But the larger principle here is that, at the primal level, a woman needs to fear her husband.

And this is precisely what the Bible teaches:

Nevertheless let every one of you in particular love his wife as himself: and let the wife fear her husband.

– Ephesians 5:33

Modern translations sugar-coat this passage by changing “fear” to “respect.”

But “fear” is the appropriate translation:

And how does one cause a woman to fear him?

Not by politely requesting it.

A woman needs to be keenly aware of the power that a man has.

She needs to feel like she is living with a lion rather than a puppy.

This is why it is necessary for a woman to be “man-handled” from time to time at some level.

Not by beating her, of course.

But things need to get a little rough in the bedroom sometimes to remind her of the nature of the beast she is living with.

It is only when she fears her man at an instinctual level, that she will submit to him.

So there’s a little motivation to stay in shape.

Also, if you’re an SJW, this would be a great article to quote out of context.