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If you’ve been reading this blog or are familiar with red pill philosophy, you know that women crave to be dominated by a strong man.

But once you have that vision in your head… when you can imagine yourself dominating her in the bedroom… how do you get started?

You know she’d probably not take you seriously if you tried to jump into kinky stuff right away. So how can an unplugged “nice guy” start acting more alpha without freaking out his wife?

Thankfully, I found a great guide to doing just this on Jack Murphy’s blog. He covers four beginner techniques for dominance. I’m going to give my own take on them below but I recommend reading the original post as well.

Technique #1: Handling Business

As I’ve written before, imagining that your wife is a child is often the simplest way to get in the right frame of mind for dominance. In this case, you want to take care of all the “grown up business” on her behalf.

When you go to a restaurant, you ask what she wants beforehand and order her food for her. If you need to negotiate with your landlord, you handle it. If she wants to invite a new family over for dinner, you make the invitation. Any social situation that a child would consider “scary”, you handle it for her.

This will subconsciously train her to follow your lead in other areas. She accepts you as being the leader.

Technique #2: Aggressive Sex Talk

You want to change your vocabulary on how you talk about sex. Replace wimpy words with masculine ones.

Jack recommends using the phrase “Are you ready get fucked?” before having sex. If that phrase is too intense for starters, you can try milder versions like “are you ready for the beast to be unleashed?” “I feel like a bull in heat. It’s time to mate.” etc.

Even if it’s semi-humorous or you’re not really doing anything too crazy in the bedroom yet, that’s fine. The point is to get her mind thinking in primal terms. She is going to be fucked. You are going to consume her body with animal-like passion.

Don’t worry if she’s uncomfortable with the language at first. She’ll get used to it if you stick with it. And she’ll enjoy being the object of your beastly passions.

Technique #3: Sex as Therapy

There is no better time to condition your woman’s behavior than when she has your cock in her mouth. There is something profoundly emotional about this experience for a woman that I don’t think men can fully understand.

You want to use this time to reinforce good behavior. Tell how she’s being such a good housewife. Tell her how you like how hard she works to please you. Tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her your proud of her. Teach her about the beauty of submission. Stuff like that.

Even if she isn’t ready to do oral yet (some women have hang-ups due to bad associations), you can still give her “therapy” while she’s giving you a handjob or during intercourse. The bedroom is the best place for sanctification!

Technique #4: The King’s Embrace


“Let his left hand be under my head And his right hand embrace me.”
(Song of Solomon 2:6)

Make sense?

Cool. Now go check out the blog post and read it carefully. It’s for your happiness… and hers.