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A frustrated husband asks:

Has marriage advice ever really worked for men?

It just seems so many boards are dedicated to how men have to change to get their wives back.

But I think many of the women we have chosen are simply not marriage material. I mean women initiate 70 percent of divorces. And for many of these women no matter how you change, they really just want something different.


In the past, older men would teach younger men how to deal with women. But nowadays, few older men have the kind of marriage a younger man would want.

If an older man has a wife that is fat and/or sassy, I’m not going to take marriage advice from him. Unless he’s warning me what not to do.

The older generation of men is doing the younger a great disservice. Rather than admit what doesn’t work, they double down to protect their ego investment… duping yet another generation of men into sexless misery.

Until I personally meet an older man whom I suspect is having more sex than me, I think I’ll continue to rely on pick up artists and personal experimentation.