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A quick glance at the top 20 sites on the web reveals there is a major mismatch between what the church is talking about and what people think about:

I’m astonished that the church still hasn’t figured out the following basic truths about modern life:

  1. People don’t call their pastor to ask about truth or get help with personal problems. They go to Google.
  2. Social media feeds inform our reality.
  3. Most people don’t like to read.
  4. People think about sex more than any other topic.
  5. People have an unlimited appetite for entertainment.

Here are the essential 21st century skills of evangelism (in addition to understanding biblical truth):

  1. Search engine marketing*
  2. Newsjacking
  3. Infotainmnent
  4. Understanding of sexual dynamics

I doubt any church will be offering training on any of these skills, so the field is wide open for anyone who wishes to scoop up the harvest.

* For examples of websites who are using search engines to evangelize check out the following two sites: