Two Red Pill Stories

Someone has to point this out. The red pill community can follow one of two storylines:

Story #1: The Happy Ending

  1. Society took your balls.
  2. Marriage failed to bring you happiness.
  3. You discover the red pill.
  4. You get your balls back.
  5. You have a sexually satisfying marriage.

Story #2: The Sad Story

  1. Society took your balls.
  2. Marriage failed to bring you happiness.
  3. You discover the red pill.
  4. You find an online support community to help lick your wounds.
  5. You feed off the undercurrent of rage and bitter criticism until you die.

The Red Pill community has largely become a sad story. Shared heartache creates community.

But the future is malleable. A community can choose to allow heartache to evolve into a bitch session, where the conversation is dominated by the most unhappy and least productive. This is the default path of every community.

But some can bond over their shared struggles and become victors.

This blog is for those who want to pursue the happy ending.

In practical terms, “getting your balls back” starts with increasing your testosterone. The primary difference between an alpha and a beta is confidence. And confidence largely comes from your testosterone level. Fix that and everything else becomes easier. I’m surprised red pill guys don’t talk about this more.

Does Marriage Advice Work for Men?

A frustrated husband asks:

Has marriage advice ever really worked for men?

It just seems so many boards are dedicated to how men have to change to get their wives back.

But I think many of the women we have chosen are simply not marriage material. I mean women initiate 70 percent of divorces. And for many of these women no matter how you change, they really just want something different.


In the past, older men would teach younger men how to deal with women. But nowadays, few older men have the kind of marriage a younger man would want.

If an older man has a wife that is fat and/or sassy, I’m not going to take marriage advice from him. Unless he’s warning me what not to do.

The older generation of men is doing the younger a great disservice. Rather than admit what doesn’t work, they double down to protect their ego investment… duping yet another generation of men into sexless misery.

Until I personally meet an older man whom I suspect is having more sex than me, I think I’ll continue to rely on pick up artists and personal experimentation.

The Cost of Settling for Bad Sex

A cautionary tale for red pill married men…

MJ Davis over at Doing Marriage Right has written a superb fictional essay on the sexual frustrations of modern married men.

It’s okay if your sex life is like this today. But don’t get used to it.

The difference between the “Nice Guy” and the Alpha Husband is that alphas don’t settle for bad sex.

Consider this a wake up call.

Full story here:

The Making of a Modern Eunuch

Here’s a history lesson you were never taught in school (via Dr. Robert A. Glover).

It’s helpful to know our background. How did we get to where we are today? How can we reverse the problem?

This is the origin story of the Modern Eunuch… a.k.a. “The Nice Guy”.

The Nice Guy frequently grows up in a close to perfect environment… at least by external standards. Comfortable. Middle-class. Given all the right advantages to succeed in life.

Nevertheless, the Nice Guy learns over time to hide his flaws and try to become what he believes others (particularly women) wants him to be.

A common epiphany/frustration of the Nice Guy is realizing that he has spent his whole life living “somebody else’s life.”

In spite of the polished surface, the Nice Guy is not psychologically healthy.

So what went wrong?

Glover identifies 3 major social changes that contributed to the wide spread phenomenon of the Nice Guy.

1. Boys were seperated from their fathers and other male role models

The shift to a manufacturing society took fathers away from their sons in droves. Boys no longer worked alongside their father, grandfathers, uncles, and cousins in the fields.

This daily contact with males was how boys learned to become men.

But now, Dad leaves for work early in the morning and came home late and tired. There was not much time or energy left for fathers to spend with sons.

Furthermore, many fathers became addicted to their work, TV, alcohol… further dissolving the father-son bond.

And the increase in divorce rates left millions of children without fathers.

The absent father was a bad enough problem, but it opened the door for an even worse problem…

2. Boys were left to be raised by women

With dad out of the picture, the task of turning a boy into a man was left to the mother.

Usually, this meant shipping him off to a female dominated education system.

Since World War II, boys have spent the majority of their days attending schools dominated by females.

The first several years of a boys education became basic training on how to please women.

The minority of male teachers have been steadily declining in the primary and secondary schools.

A little boy, already disconnected from his father, is left with very few adult males to help him through his educational experience.

3. Radical feminism implied that men were bad and/or unnecessary

While all the above was going on, many women began to work outside the home. The “women’s liberation” movement was in it’s infancy.

Many mothers foresaw a change in gender roles on the horizon and prepared their children accordingly.

Daughters were raised to not need a man.

Sons were trained to be different than their fathers: peaceful, giving, nurturing, and attentive to women’s needs.

Radical feminism in the ’60s and ’70s preached an angry generalization about men. Some claimed men were the cause of all the world’s problems. Others claimed men were merely an unnecessary nuisance.

While not all women shared the same opinions, the vocal minority was enough to change the social climate.

It was no longer okay for men to simply be who they were. Men were “pigs” and “rapists.”

The school system had conditioned the new generation of men to be highly susceptible to this propaganda. Men were comfortable looking to women for definition and approval.

So the new population of Nice Guys busied themselves trying to figure out what women wanted. They tried to change themselves so that they would be loved by women and get their needs met.

Thus is the origin of the Modern Eunuch. (paraphrased from Robert A. Glover’s No More Mr. Nice Guy)

If we understand what emasculates a man, we can reverse the process:

  1. Restore apprenticeship as the core component of a boy’s education (i.e. a boy working alongside a man)
  2. Create a lifestyle where you don’t have to slave long hours for someone else’s corporation
  3. Learn to create “flow” experiences that your son can participate in instead of relying on TV, alcohol, pornography, etc. to get through your off hours.
  4. Don’t send your son to school (if it’s a female-dominated school)
  5. Make the Red Pill and Game a core component of a teenage boy’s education