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This is What Pure and Undefiled Religion Looks Like in a Feminist Age

Here’s something interesting you may have never thought about…

In the epistle of James, we learn that pure and undefiled religion is to visit orphans and widows in their distress.

Now follow the logical implications of this truth:

What is a widow? A woman who lost her husband.

What is it that a woman needs from a husband? Financial provision and “conjugal rights.” (Ex 21:10).

Can an emasculated man give his wife what she needs? No. “Nice guys” have difficulty getting paid (Prov 11:16) and he cannot subdue his woman to give her what she needs sexually.

Is a sexually unfulfilled woman under “distress”? Yes. Next to air, water, food and shelter, sex is the next most basic physical need.

What is the difference between a woman who lost her husband through death and a woman who lost her husband through emasculation? Practically speaking, nothing. Only one earns the woman sympathy and the other is culturally approved and called “normal.”

Is there anything more important for a Christian man than to love his own wife? Other than to remove himself from sin and defilement of the world, no. A man who refuses to provide for his wife is worse than a heathen (1 Tim 5:8) regardless of how many other “good Christian deeds” he performs.

Therefore, I believe it is reasonable to conclude, that “getting your balls back” is the purest thing a Christian man can do in today’s feminist age. Get your balls back, start subduing your wife and render your “conjugal duty” to her.

Then do what you can to help other men do the same.

This is what pure and undefiled religion looks in our modern feminist age.


The “Wife as Sex Object” Trap

If you’ve attended a modern church for a while, you’ve probably heard at least a few exhortations that sound something like this:

“Men, your wife is not a sex object. Sex is not an automatic privilege for you to selfishly take. You must earn access to the marriage bed by sacrificing for her and giving her the emotional support she needs to feel comfortable.”

On the surface, this sounds wise. But is it really how God feels about sex?

Consider Exodus 21:10:

“If he takes to himself another woman, he may not reduce [his first wife’s] food, her clothing, or her conjugal rights.”

In modern lingo:

Providing money for groceries, rent, clothing, etc. and giving your wife regular sex is your fundamental duty to your wife as a man. This is the most basic way that a husband loves his wife.

But many modern wives do not like to be dependent on her husband’s provision. She prefers to pursue a career of her own or turn to the government for financial aid.

Probably even fewer wives acknowledge her need for regular relations with her husband. She sees sex as something she does for her husband; not something that she needs for herself.

But modern trends do not change our basic needs and duties. Ignorance of the need does not mean it doesn’t exist.

If you’re going to love a modern woman, you must help her recognize her need for your provision. Not only your financial provision, but your sexual provision as well.