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Guys take a lot of flak today for being “shallow.” We’re told to focus on a woman’s “inner beauty” rather than her appearance.

But there’s good reason that men focus on physical attributes. It’s how God hardwired us so we’d fulfill the commandment to “be fruitful and multiply.”

Consider the following “shallow” obsessions of the male mind:

A pretty face is an indicator of good genes that can be passed on to the baby. (And if she uses makeup to achieve this, it shows she has good judgment and is not lazy… something a man should want in a mother.)

A slim sexy body indicates good health, self-control, and a good work ethic… also desirable attributes for motherhood.

Boobs indicate sexual maturity and fertility.

Curvy hips indicate the likelihood of a full-term pregnancy and successful delivery.

Younger women make healthier babies.

Large ejaculations means a better chance of making a baby. (Or as the Jews put it, a man was expected to “shoot his semen like an arrow.”)

But more than just making babies, these things are a celebration of life in general. Sexual union is celebration of the life God is revealing through your bodies. You are enjoying the very things that create life.

A society without beautiful women is a dead society. When you enjoy the sight of a beautiful woman, you are appreciating life.

It is good to think about these things. If anything, men should focus on them more than they already are; feminism has not left us with much “inner beauty” to dwell upon.