The End of Men: A Prediction

Since predicting the future is all the rage nowadays, I thought it’d be fun to give it a go myself.

I see three important trends:

  1. Labor will be replaced by machines
  2. Men will choose sex robots over women
  3. The blogosphere and social media will determine what people think

Trends #1 and #3 are already happening. Trend #2 hasn’t come to fruition yet.

Each of these trends corresponds with the three most important responsibilities of a man:

  1. Financial Provision
  2. Marriage and “Conjugal Rights”
  3. Spiritual Leadership

Whoever owns the labor-replacing machines or the assets that the machines work on will become rich. Everyone else will be out of work.

The government will tax these wealthy corporations and give handouts to the unemployed. The government already knows, from the socialist experiments they did with the American Indians, that giving men free money kills a man’s motivation. The Indian men of old were fighters. But force them onto reservations, give them just enough provision to make work unnecessary, and slowly kill his spirit. Indian men of today are aimless, drunk, depressed, and suicidal.

Like the emasculated Indian, the majority of men will passively settle into their Reservation 2.0 lifestyle. The government will provide (just enough) income for their housing, groceries, and cheap entertainment. They will have access to an abundance of porn and will be provided with several sex robots to relieve and amuse themselves with. They will lose all interest in real women.

The toxins in the environment and government supplied food continue to lower men’s testosterone, ensuring that they will not be a threat to the powers that be. They will not fight. They will not reproduce. They will not strive. They will be passive and harmless. Useful only for voting.

Meanwhile, women pine after the (precious few) remaining high-testosterone men. Since the vast majority of men are now undesirable, “open relationships” becomes the norm. Women would rather share an alpha than be forced to pair with an omega.

Mainstream Christianity is forced to respond to this crisis. Not wanting to completely abandon the institution of marriage, they quickly approve polygamy as a viable marriage option in order to appease the demands of women. Meanwhile, they continue to preach against “toxic masculinity” while downplaying or excusing the woman’s sins of adultery and promiscuity. Thus Christianity adapts its own form of “open relationships” under the guise of upholding marriage.

The traditional churches that hold to monogamy quickly decline into extinction. The alpha males leave to attend pro-polygamy churches. The women refuse to marry the remaining omega males. Thus the congregation fails to reproduce itself and dies off.

The sexual marketplace tilts heavily in favor of (masculine) men. Paradoxically, government-funded propaganda and agendas continue to vilify and attack men… further increasing the divide between the undesirable soy boys and sexy alphas. The sexual hierarchy moves towards extreme bifurcation: alpha or omega. The semi-desirable “beta bucks” become a thing of the past.

The alpha man becomes the coveted prize of women. He will have his pick of women. Naturally, only the most attractive women will be considered worthy of breeding. Most children will be born out of wedlock. The majority of bastard sons will grow up to join the ranks of the undesirable omegas. The bastard daughters will grow up to “ride the cock carousel” until they burn out and settle into a life as a miserable single mother. This process ensures that future alphas have a fresh supply of disposable women to use for their pleasure.

A minority of these bastardized children will seek and find Wisdom and escape this viscious cycle.

The only lineages that will have a chance of surviving are those born in wedlock. Polygamous men will out-breed monogamous men, further cementing the church’s “temporary” decision into the culture.

Christian married men are constantly attacked. Polygamous Muslim immigrants are welcomed and encouraged (?). The battle for Western civilization comes down to a breeding war.

The risks of marriage for men become increasingly higher. Many eligible men will opt-out, counting the cost to be too high. Thus the number of marriageable men becomes even lower than the number of “datable” men.

Even among the men who marry, many of them fail their dynastic quest. Some become emasculated after marriage. Some get greedy and take on more wives than they can manage. Some sire more children than they can properly discipline.

Technologically, the world looks different. Information is passed on through computers that seamlessly integrate into every part of our life. People no longer rely on discrete units of information such as books, sermons, lectures, etc. Everything is a stream of information, like a Facebook or Twitter feed. Corporations and government agencies spend big bucks to earn the attention of the masses through these streams. But they are too stupid to figure out how to do it. Social media requires interesting, personality-driven information.

Unable to earn the attention of the masses, the government resorts to buying the platforms and restricting speech that runs against the narrative they wish to propagate. This leads to the bifurcation of “approved” platforms and “alternative” platforms. Once again, this only serves to further divide the population, with the majority receiving only the government-approved messages and the minority feeding on a completely different information stream. Low-class men are practically shut off from the truth. Only the most motivated truth seekers find a way out.

Preachers are practically irrelevant now. They still exist, but it’s more ceremonial than practical. When they preach, they only echo and reinforce what’s being said on mainstream social media and perhaps tack on a Bible verse for good measure. Some preachers attempt to stick to traditional theological sermons, but their comparatively dull sermons are quickly drowned out by the sea of daily “infotainment” coming at the congregants on their social media feeds. Seminary students are simply not prepared to preach in the age of social media.

This isn’t to say that the gospel isn’t preached. The Kingdom of God continues to advance. But evangelism looks quite different in this future world.

And there will only be a few men left to do it.


The Unspoken Problem That Plagues Your Marriage

Men, behold… the hidden source of all your problems:

Then to Adam [God] said, “Because you have heeded the voice of your wife, and have eaten from the tree of which I commanded you, saying, ‘You shall not eat of it’

The root cause of Adam’s sin was not that he was deceived. The root cause was that he stepped down from his decision-making role and followed the advice of his wife.

Women are great in management and sub-ordinate positions. They are loyal. They will work hard when motivated. They are empathetic to the immediate needs of those in their care.

But women are terrible in an executive leadership role. They cannot relax enough to make level-headed decisions. They prioritize their immediate concerns such as status and perceived safety over long-term success. They lack the testosterone necessary to take risks. They have a hard time saying “no” to outside requests.

In other words, women are great at doing things, but terrible at deciding what to do.

The problem comes when the roles are flipped. The husband is busy doing things and trying to appease his wife. Meanwhile, the wife is not busy enough (because she spends 3+ hours on Facebook) and uses all her time worrying about how she’s “not good enough.” Then she feels guilty for wasting her time so she’ll throw herself into a project she feels behind on only to give up due to feeling “overwhelmed” at the pressures of life.

This is not a good way to run a home. Men frequently work harder than they need to because they feel insecure and fear their wives’ disapproval. And without a day full of meaningful work, a woman gives into anxiety.

An effective ruler spends less time on busy work, more time on establishing values, creating a vision, setting goals, communicating progress, and making sure his sub-ordinates have everything they need to move forward.

It takes a lot of thinking to keep a wife happily busy!

For an interesting perspective on leadership, check out the short article “Use Disciples for Success” by Richard Koch. It’s about making disciples in a business context, but I think the core idea is applicable to making disciples in the home. At first glance, the idea sounds unfair. But keep in mind, sub-ordinates are happiest when they are occupied with meaningful work.


The 12 Royal Virtues

I had the crazy idea of putting together a Christian manifesto based on, of all things, the virtues Christ himself told us to live by.

Specifically, these virtues come from The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). I’ve deliberately rephrased the teachings in hopes of ridding the virtues from ambiguous theological baggage that’s become attached to the familiar words.

These are the 12 virtues of godly kings:

Virtue #1: Unity

We resolve our conflicts with fellow Christians. Even if that means letting our side go. Maintaining unity is more important than being right.

(Note: This does not mean Christians can’t have differences of opinions. But at the end of the day, we must at least “agree to disagree” and figure out how to carry on with the mission together. Also, this doesn’t mean a husband relinquishes his right and duty to headship in order to “submit” to his wife. Rather, he should take care to listen to and attempt to alleviate his wife’s concerns before moving forward with a necessary decision.)

Virtue #2: Marital Boundaries

We do not scheme to seduce another man’s wife. If a man should become obsessed with another man’s wife, it’s better to remove all possible contact with her than to risk being cast into hell.

Virtue #3: Married for Life

We do not divorce our wives, no matter how unpleasant she may be.  We continue to provide for her and attempt to mould her into something beautiful.

Note: Promiscuity on the wife’s part is the only possible exception to this rule.

Virtue #4: Freedom to Serve God Alone

We do not make formal promises to the institutional church about what we will or will not do in the future. A simple “yes” or “no” in the moment is sufficient.

Virtue #5: Non-Resistant Warfare

When our enemy uses force against us, we willingly comply and even go “the extra mile.” In so doing, we “heap burning coals on their heads.”

Virtue #6: Loving Enemies

We willingly provide for the needs of those who are hostile towards us. We even pray for their repentance and salvation. Just as God sends the sun and rain upon the wicked as well as the righteous, so do we show no partiality in showing kindness. This is the most advanced virtue that makes us fully mature.

(NOTE: This is a personal ethic, not a political requirement of “open borders” or “globalization.”)

Virtue #7: Private Virtue

We do not virtue signal. Rather than publicly expressing our opinions in order to demonstrate our good character, we demonstrate our character to God by what we give and pray in secret.

Virtue #8: Kingdom First

We do not make retirement our life goal. We do not know when we will die or whether our earthly wealth will last. Therefore, accumulating wealth in hopes of future financial security is foolish. Instead, we seek to convert earthly wealth into Kingdom assets as quickly as possible.

(NOTE: This does not mean it is wrong to make, save, or invest money. It simply means we should manage our money in a way to maximize our Kingdom impact in the short time we have, understanding that God will provide for our physical needs when we prioritize His Kingdom. As a rule of thumb, assume you’ll live 70 years. How can you maximize your impact for God’s kingdom? Not by slaving your life away and saving all your money until 65!)

Virtue #9: The Rule of Mercy

When we hear of another’s plight, we choose to show mercy over condemnation. Mercy asks “what do they need?” Condemnation says “they deserve it!” Even when correction is what’s needed, we should be careful that we do not preach what we don’t practice, knowing that God will judge us by the same standard we judge others.

(NOTE: Showing mercy does not mean we automatically give money to any stranger or organization that asks. It is foolish to hand out money without first understanding the situation and getting to know the person asking for the money. If in doubt, it’s better to offer to provide the need directly rather than hand over money. Unsolicited offers from non-profits can safely be ignored.)

Virtue #10: Ask, Seek, Knock

We do not remain passive. We ask God to bless us and enlarge our dominion. We seek the wisdom and opportunities needed to expand our corner of the Kingdom. When we see an opportunity, we take action. We then use our blessings to bless others as we have been blessed.

Virtue #11: The Narrow Path

We do not follow “churchianity” or any other form of mainstream spirituality. We seek the narrow path of truth, however unpopular or unflattering that truth may be.

Virtue #12: Hatred for False Teachings

We give full attention to avoiding and even exposing those who, under the guise of being a Christian teacher or prophet, give false impressions about God’s Word. We recognize these false teachers by their “fruits” (i.e. tangible evidence of what they believe.)

The man who does these things and teaches others to do the same will be a bright light in the world indeed. He will be worthy of an everlasting dominion.

NOTE: These 12 virtues form the foundation for a Tumblr blog I started for my wife. It’s part of a larger experiment of mine to both replace my wife’s Facebook addiction and use social media and “infotainment” to teach biblical truths. Follow along if you’d like. You might get some ideas 🙂

Leviticus Made Sexy

I’m going to try to introduce a new idea that depends on a complex argument. This is a dangerous thing to do on the Internet. Yet I keep hoping it will work.

Here it goes…

I’m sure you’re familiar with Leviticus 18. It’s that passage you kept returning to as a teenage boy when mom and dad weren’t looking. It’s the one with the miscellaneous laws about sex. Stuff so perverted that it didn’t even cross your mind until you read it in the Bible.

Most Christians read Leviticus 18 and they only see restrictions. But, because we live in such a sexually retarded age, I think we miss the point. We don’t stop to consider why God might command such things.

We know from Genesis, that God is not a scarcity-minded God. He creates in abundance and he wants us to eat in abundance. He only adds sensible boundaries to protect us from harm as we go about enjoying the good things he created.

In the beginning, only one commandment was required: do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But this command assumed there would be an abundance of eating. So it was necessary to warn where the boundary was.

I believe this assumption, that God is graciously abundant and only gives sensible restrictions, is the key to understanding all of God’s commands. God is not giving these restrictions in Leviticus 18 because he wants to put a damper on sexual fun. He knows his children are sexual beings and He fully expects them to explore their sexual instincts.

But God also knows that, sooner or later, some dumbass is going to take a good instinct and do something depraved. Get enough dumb people doing dumb things and the whole culture goes into a downward spiral of one-upmanship depravity. This was the kind of culture Israel was going to be rubbing shoulders with. So God had to introduce some boundaries.

So I believe the proper frame for interpreting Leviticus 18 is not as a group of miscellaneous sexual restrictions. Rather, they should be seen as sensible boundaries to what are natural and (if I may dare say so) good sexual desires.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that most conservative Christians don’t have too much trouble avoiding bestiality and not sacrificing their children to Molech.

Christians today are far more likely to have problems with sexual suppression than with depraved heathen sexual expressions. But I think Leviticus 18 can be used to restore an understanding of healthy sexual instinct. Once you understand what the boundaries are, you can start filling in the picture.

So, enough yapping. Let’s get on to the good stuff…

Boundary Point #1: Incest (Lev 18:6-16)

The Desire: Women want to have sex with someone they are in a close familial relationship with, particularly with a male who protects and guides her. Robert Greene refers to this as “sexual regression” in The Art of Seduction. This is why terms like “daddy” and “princess” have strong erotic connotations to most women. It’s also why many men call their wife “babe.”

The Folly: This desire and erotic play is fine and dandy until some idiot decides it would be a good idea to knock up his grandaughter. Umm… no. That’s not good for the gene pool. Leave and cleave. Leave and cleave.

Boundary Point #2: Mother-Daughter / Sister “Threesomes” (Lev 18:17-18)

Hmm… not going to touch this one right now. Let’s just say it’s not a good idea to marry two women from the same family. It gave Jacob a lot of headaches.

Boundary Point #3: Menstruation (Lev 18:19)

The Desire: Women’s sexual desire is strongly tied to her hormonal cycles. When it’s “that time of month” a woman body wants nothing more than to get a baby inside her ASAP. As Rollo Tomassi has pointed out, this is the time of month when a man needs to get his alpha on and give her the rough breeding she craves.

The Folly: I’m not an expert on this, so correct me if I’m wrong. But my guess is that ancient heathen cultures understood there was a connection between female horniness and her blood flow. Someone probably got the idea that the best time to pound away was right in the middle of her flow. This probably resulted in “uncleanness” and perhaps was harmful to the woman.

Boundary Point #4: Adultery (Lev 18:20)

The Desire: A woman wants a man who is better than her and better than other men. She wants a strong man. She wants the best man she can get.

The Folly: Alpha males get the idea that they can go ahead and knock up any wife they want. Wives get the idea that it’s okay to cheat if her husband is a “loser.” Society becomes okay with it. Rather than getting their balls back, beta men settle for bad sex and an emasculated existence. They embrace cuckoldry as a sexual fetish. Family structure falls apart. Hmm.. this one actually sounds familiar…

Boundary Point #5: Child Sacrifice (Lev 18:21)

The Desire: Something valuable must be given up in order to bring forth life and blessings. In a healthy culture, the woman sacrifices her youthful nubile body in order to bring forth children. (In the right context, a man “deflowering” and “ruining” a young woman’s body so she can bear his children is an erotic sacrifice. Even to participate in the sexual act, a woman’s pristine body must endure some pain and be stretched in order to accommodate the man.)

The Folly: In a backwards culture, rather than sacrifice to bring forth children, the children are sacrificed in order to bring about or preserve supposed blessings. Hmm… this one sounds familiar too.

Boundary Point #6: Homosexual Sex (Lev 18:22)

The Desire: The phallus is the symbol of masculine potency and dominance. In arguably more sane cultures, it was revered. Even to this day, women have a subconscious need for seed and a desire to adore this sacred vessel of life.

The Folly: “Hey, if one phallus is so great, why not put two of them together? Double the masculine power, right?”

Boundary Point #7: Bestiality (Lev 18:23)

The Desire: A woman wants to be bred like a wild animal.

The Folly: It’s a bad idea to breed with an animal.

Well, those boundary points should give you a good outline of normal sexual desire. God understood these desires and placed sensible boundaries so that we wouldn’t do anything too stupid.

Conservative Christians tend to be experts on sexual sins. They have such an advanced understanding that they’ve even managed to invent several new sexual sins. But they tend to be ignorant about sexual desire.

As a married man, it would behoove you to spend more time exploring feminine sexuality rather than cataloging the various sexual sins of depraved heathens. No woman ever jumped into bed with a man because of his impressive knowledge of what wasn’t allowed.

How to Sanctify Your Family While Sitting On Your Butt Watching TV…

Entertainment is a controversial topic among Christians.

How much is too much? What shows are appropriate? Is violence better than sex? etc. etc.

But one aspect of entertainment I rarely hear talked about is how fathers can “spin” secular entertainment into spiritual lessons.

For example, here’s the opening scene from the latest Pixar film, Coco:

In the scene, the boy explains how his family is not like other families because his grandmother hates music and tries to shut it out from their life.

This simple scene could be used to illustrate a number of spiritual truths like…

  • Just like the bitter grandmother who wanted to shut out music, so do some people become bitter against God and shut out the light.
  • Even if those around you are bitter, you can still have joy in your heart just like the little boy in the Coco
  • God gives us reason to sing, just like the boy in Coco
  • Some people want to snuff out the light, just like the grandmother wanted to snuff out music. But you can’t hold back the truth for long.
  • God wants his truth to be like music to our ears. Just like the boy in Coco.

The next time you’re watching a show with your wife or kids, keep your eyes open for good illustrations. Spiritual truths are more readily grasped when there is a tangible reference point.

Now, I think I need to get to “work” and catch up on my movie watching 😉

The 2 Fundamental Truths About Women

I will feel like I’ve lived a life worth living if my writing can help men embrace the following two truths about life:

Truth #1: Women are easily deceived. A man should not trust a woman for advice.

Truth #2: A woman’s most powerful desire is to be bred and dominated by an alpha male.

Everything I write is really just theme and variation on those fundamental truths.

Coincidentally, you can approximate your rank (or potential rank) in the socio-sexual hierarchy based on how you responded to the above statements.

Alpha: **Shrugs and moves on.**

Beta: “Yes. I need to remember this.”

Delta: “I don’t know about that. I take advice from my wife all the time. She’s an intelligent woman. And a woman is not a sex object. You seem to be venturing into dangerous territory here.”

Gamma: “The socio-sexual hierarchy is based subjective judgments that have no scientific proof. I find it appalling that a blog that purports to give sex advice would force men into such arbitrary categories. Do you really think God would judge men by such standards? More likely, the author is simply trying to project an alpha persona to compensate for his insecurities. But he is clearly a poser who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If he’s so alpha, why doesn’t he show a picture of his wife? Probably because she’s an ugly overweight cow. Ha! This guy is a joke.”

Omega: “Women are so stupid. Their suffering is well-deserved. Men are better off without them.”

Sigma: “Hmm… let me think about that…”


Christian Men Can’t Have “Affairs”

Some more subtle anti-male rhetoric from Desiring God:

Most Christian guys nowadays have been so emasculated, I doubt they even possess the seduction skills or the sexual attractiveness required to even tempt an affair. But aside from that, DG gets this message wrong on two counts.

First, an “affair” is a cultural sin, not a biblical sin. The biblical sin is adultery, which occurs when one man has sex with another man’s wife. It’s a sin against the man that is analogous to property theft. An “affair”, on the other hand, is a sin against the woman. Same event, different meanings.

Secondly, men do not have affairs because they are searching for “true love.” They have affairs because they’re not getting any action at home and come across an opportunity to sleep with a younger, hotter woman.

I give Desiring God credit for waking me up to some important spiritual truths during my college years. But they have since proven themselves to be incapable of providing truthful commentary on either the Bible or sexuality. I suspect they have been converged by the Enemy. Some of the readers are noticing:

Biblical Husbandry 101

Illimitable Men’s reflections on dominance and submission is a better marriage guide anything you’ll hear from the pulpit today:

[A] good woman is the handiwork of great men, ideally well-raised by a strong father, but at the very least young and receptive to dominant, masculine governance. A woman cannot, try it as she may, become the embodiment of what a man wants without her chosen partner having a hand in the matter, for her constitution is innately erratic, and as such, in the absence of a strong male figure in her life, she will in all likelihood fall prey to predacious dogma and sully herself.

The value of a young woman extends beyond the appeal of her physical youth and fertility, although both are covetously desirable in and of themselves, it is her malleability to be formed into a woman who complements a man that is her main draw. Older women are, much to the dismay of men everywhere, not solely lacking in beauty, but largely irredeemable in that they lack the pliability archetypal of young women.

Bitter older woman unable to secure a dominant alpha who see a young woman coupled with a man perhaps ten or even fifteen years her senior have an instinct to shame the couple, more specifically, the man. It is said by spinsters of ever-increasing opinionation that such men are no more than perverts, that they only covet a young woman’s body and sexuality, and that if such men were as refined as they, they’d look to date someone “more mature.” Be it that maturity for women is little more than bitterness that erodes their femininity, the point of maturity is an entirely moot point, for women mature little in adulthood. These spinsters disguise their vitriolic bitterness as concern for the well-being of young women, but in reality they are the jealous crabs in the bucket, scornful of the men who don’t want them, jealous of the women who can get them.

The man must act upon and mould a woman more than she does him, for if the woman is to act upon and mould the man, she will create something she finds abhorrent. More simply and explicitly stated, a woman will mould a man into someone she despises, but a man will mould a woman into someone he loves.

For the “how to’s” of moulding a woman, check out my latest guest post on the Sigma Frame blog.

Why I Don’t Use Bible Reading Plans

After years of reading the Bible to your wife, do you feel disappointed that she hasn’t transformed into that radiant woman without “spot or wrinkle” that biblical husbandry is supposed to bring about?

If you do, you’re not alone.

After several years of trying the standard “daily devotion” approach to spiritual leadership, I abandoned it completely. I threw away all my nifty “Bible in a Year” plans. I no longer do a structured family worship time.


Simply because I wasn’t seeing results. There was no spiritual fruit.

What I do instead is far more simple and more effective in my experience.

I think some men have intuitively figured out this method, but I’ve never seen or heard it explained before.

I’ve detailed how the method works in a 3,394 word guest article on Sigma Frame. It’s the most in-depth “how to” article I’ve published to date. I recommend bookmarking it and reading it through as you’re able. If you have any questions about the method, leave me a comment.

After you’ve read the explanation, you can download a one-page summary of the method that you can print out for reference.


The Heavy Burden of Lazy Thinking

Ambiguity is the devil’s best friend.

The author at illustrates the heavy burden placed on Christians when precise teaching and thinking is replaced with “spiritual” ambiguity:

The Conservative Church has taken terms like “fornication” and “adultery” and made them mean everything. Everything is fornication. Seeing a nude woman is fornication. Even touching yourself is adultery. Do you see the error? Further, they neglect the precision of scripture and altogether cut out the offenses of idolatry that are connected to adultery, fornication and many of the sins mentioned in scripture…

This is not something that can be easily dismissed. It is almost like some Christians want to take the precision out of scripture. To take the power out of scripture as well. To Gnosticize the Bible into a war between your physical desire and your spirit. When, in reality, they have minimized the sins of the spirit.

This is why I’m skeptical of confessions and catechisms. They make no sense to me and lack the precision found in Scripture. The “conspiracy theorist” part of me suspects they are nothing more than an excuse to browbeat men into submission by expanding the definition of what it means to be a sinner.

I know many people use them with good intentions, and I can see the appeal of having a summary of the Scripture. But I tend to agree with Mark Twain’s assessment:

[Most Christians are] credulous people who venerate the Bible but do not examine it carefully, preferring to rely on what preachers or biblical commentators want them to believe… [M]ost Christians want little more than reinforcement for their sectarian indoctrination.

Tragically, Christians do this at the expense of both church unity and personal freedom. Living in a perpetual state of ambiguous guilt is a heavy burden to bear.