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The last Saving Eve blog post

This is the last post I will write on this blog.

I will be devoting my attention to my new site

Saving Eve was a year long writing project that led to some important discoveries. In the end, I decided the theme was not quite right for the times.

What young men need today is not so much “sexual strategy.” What they need is to define themselves as men and regain their confidence.

Sex is an important part of manhood, but no sexual strategy will help you until you can stand up straight as a man.

The manosphere has done a great job in exposing the lies of feminism. Many young men are waking up to the fact that there is a war on masculinity.

But I believe there is still deeper deception that is not being addressed. And this deception has originated from within the church… “Churchianity.”

It is essential that today’s God-fearing men learn to stand up for themselves and not fear the “authority” of the church’s toxic interpretations of Scripture.

My new blog will probably appeal to a narrower audience. But I’d rather write for a few passionate men than a larger number of apathetic men.

I will be writing for tribe builders… for men who want to become heroes and build a better future.

And the next beast we must slay is Churchianity.

I will leave this blog up so you can browse the archives. But for my future work, you can find me here:

“Why can’t I be fat, dumb and happy?”

My biological father has an IQ of 145.

He’s had his share of down times. When we reconnected years after the divorce, he told me,

“You know, sometimes I wish I could just be fat, dumb and happy. Life seems easier that way.”

I’m not sure my IQ. Probably not high enough to be noteworthy.

But I did have enough perception in 7th grade to recognize that the way we were educated was fundamentally broken.

That awareness led me to self-correct my deficiencies in critical reading.

But it came at a cost…

6 years of misery being forced to get a bullshit education.

I figured college would be better.

It wasn’t.

But I didn’t have the confidence or ability to set out on my own, so I stuck with it and got my degree (and $30K in debt.)

After college, I took a $12/h writing job for a “search engine optimization” agency.

At first I was happy. I was getting paid to write.

But soon I began to detect that the company was dishonest.

We used short-term tactics that made us look good but would harm the client later.

Here’s a sure combination to make a man miserable:

1. Intelligence
2. Ethics
3. Low confidence

Everywhere I worked, I saw systemic problems that would lead to harm.

But I lacked the confidence to confront the corruption. I needed the money.

Honestly, before I managed to get some decent freelancing clients, the best job I had was alpaca poop scooping…

The objective was clear and useful. The repetitive scooping induced a pleasant trance. 

And I had plenty of time to think.

I could go on, but here’s my point:

If you are a man with relatively high intelligence, you will be absolutely MISERABLE until you have confidence.

The world is run by overconfident idiots who shame intelligent men into silence.

Let’s change that. Go here next:

The end of the year is a great excuse to talk about myself

I recently read an article by Tiago Forte about the importance of the “Annual Review” that inspired me to write this post.

Don’t know if it will be relevant to you. It’s all about myself. But perhaps you’ll find some nuggets of value in it.

I’ve taken the questions directly from Tiago’s system and wrote my answers below. Since this is my first review, I’m covering recent memory rather than just a year.

What are you grateful for this past year?

Discovering the work of N.N. Taleb. I consider his Incerto series to be an essential resource for surviving in modern times.

The red pill philosophy. Opened my eyes to the realities of intersexual dynamics and has been a critical tool for improving my marriage.

My years of copywriting training are paying off. My writing skills are good enough now where potential clients consistently impressed with my samples. It feels good to have a skill that can be used to provide for my family.

Discovering the work of Andre Chaperon. My industry (online marketing) is facing a crisis. It’s getting increasingly expensive to buy attention and the value of that attention is rapidly decreasing. Everything is devolving into clickbaiting and tricks. The old-school methods are less effective. The users are getting tired of it and there is growing mistrust between marketers and users. Andre is the only guy I’ve found with a workable (and sustainable) solution to this problem.

Discovering the Concordant Literal New Testament. This is by far the best Bible translation I’ve found to date. The original Greek meanings of words are unmasked, yet it still reads pretty well in English.

List your 3 top wins for the year

Surviving as a freelancer. Both my wife and I are doing freelance work. And we’re paying the bills. By the end of the school year, my wife should be able to come home full time. Soon enough, we should be time and location independent. It was a difficult transition, but we made it through the hardest part.

Cutting out junk food. I stopped eating foods with vegetable oil and added a lot more protein to my diet. My energy levels have improved considerably. I also feel like my cognitive abilities have improved.

Clarity on my personal philosophy. I was inspired to condense my beliefs down to a single sentence after listening to this podcast. There is tremendous focusing power in this. Mine is derived from 2 Timothy: Suffer shame together in service of the King.

What are the 3 biggest lessons you’ve learned this year?

How to recognize deception (courtesy of Vox Day.)

The Circle of Safety. (more on this later.)

Start with 2 Timothy. The rest of the Bible will make little sense until you do. 2 Timothy was the final update on Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles and clues you in on what to focus on.

What were the risks you took?

Developing myself instead of pursuing money. This was risky because external pressures were saying I needed to be “hustling” for money. I still worked and made some money. But I spent a large portion of my time developing my beliefs, defining myself as a man, forming habits, etc. I think it will pay off.

Asking questions instead of remaining silent. Up to this point, I’ve had the habit of remaining silent when I notice authority figures making mistakes. This year, I’ve decided to speak up and ask questions. I initiated an important discussion with my pastor over a problem I believe to be of fundamental importance. Outcome yet to be determined.

Putting money on the line to test my ideas. Over the past few years, I’ve probably put up a good $5,000 or so testing my various business ideas. None of them worked, but I gained valuable information I would have never learned if I didn’t have “skin in the game.”

What was your most loving service?

Bettering myself as a man so I can properly lead and protect my family.

What is your unfinished business from this year?

I have at least a few assets that I could monetize if I need to. I’ve worked for two high profile clients as a copywriter. I also have a potential case study I could put together for some results I got for a real estate investor. And I’ve been into self-improvement for a good six or seven years now, so I have insights I could teach.

What are you most happy about completing?

I wrote the first draft of what I believe to be the most important article I’ve ever written. I think it will help solve a fundamental problem that a lot of young men are struggling with. Need to do some editing, but will be publishing soon.

Who were the three people that had the greatest impact on your life this year?

Andre Chaperon – leading with empathy
Ben Settle – not being a sucker in business and life
A.J.A. Cortes – masculine development and the importance of physical health

What was your biggest surprise?

Learning that God is much more gracious and kind then we acknowledge. He is nothing like the controlling father ready to criticize you for every misstep you make. Rather, He delights in you and who you are becoming.

What compliment would you liked to have received?

“You are becoming skilled at handling the Word of Truth.”

What else do you need to do or say to be complete with this year?

Need to finish up that article mentioned above and launch my new site: The Red Pill Bible Guy.

What one word or phrase best sums up and describes your experience this year?


What stories from last year are you letting go of?

I’m no longer a naive little boy struggling to find his way in the world.

I do not serve a moralistic or prudish God who is ready to condemn. I serve a gracious God who is eager to save.

A new direction for 2019

The following is a “sneak peak” of a new project I’ll be focusing on in 2019.

Some of you will like this new direction better, some of you will like it less. Such is the nature of art.

I’ll keep you posted when I officially publish it. Meanwhile, this is the “About” page:

Hey, it’s J.T. (a.k.a. “The Red Pill Bible Guy.”)

Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a 29-year old red pilled husband, father, and “unauthorized” Bible scholar.

Let me tell you my story…

(Or skip to the end for the “bottom line.”)

I discovered red pill philosophy back in 2016 while listening to Ben Settle’s podcast. I was working a job I absolutely hated (dishonest company) and my relationship with my wife was strained to say the least.

The bedroom was almost dead. An occasional round of cold fish sex kept the marriage on life support.

We eventually reached out to my pastor for marriage counseling. His advice to us was essentially “men and women are different and we need to learn to understand each other.”

Not a bad start, but it didn’t resolve the problem.

After reading several Christian marriage books, it became obvious to me that the church, in spite of praising the supposed wonders of marriage, had zero understanding of the underlying mechanism of intersexual dynamics.

Or, more to the point, pastors can’t teach you how to wet a pussy.

That’s what pulled me into the red pill. Funny enough, I learned these “sinners” in the pick up artist world had a greater understanding of the female creature than those who claimed to admire the work of the Creator.

I learned where I had been screwing up with my woman. I learned about hypergamy, “shit tests” and the alpha/beta dynamic.

I also started seeing the Bible in a fresh light… a more masculine light.

I learned how I had allowed her “needs” to sabotage what God had actually called me to do.

“We’re gonna have to let you go…”

While I was undergoing this major worldview transformation, I lost my job in 2017.

All my contributions were put into an automated system. There was no work left for me to do.

So I was “out on the streets” again.

It wasn’t easy. But eventually I decided to take a risk.

I decided to pursue my mission… the thing that had been pulling me away for years from doing what I was “supposed” to be doing (putting in 110% effort into my schoolwork and making money.)

I had an odd form of deviant behavior: stealing away hours of time to study the Scriptures when I should have been doing other stuff.

It soon became obvious that I was designed to teach the Bible.

But the red pill ruined the prospect of seminary for me. And studying the Bible ruined theology for me.

I also felt that the church’s mode of delivering the Gospel was quickly becoming irrelevant in the digital age.

I had to carve my own path.

So after I lost my job, I decided to opt out of getting another “real job” and pursued freelancing so I could have more time and flexibility to find my way.

Not gonna lie, it was no bed of roses.

There were several months where I didn’t know if I’d be able to pay the next rent check.

And yes, I was “shit tested.” A lot.

“Where are you gonna get $500 by the end of the month?”

“It is your duty as a man to provide and you’re not doing it!”

“Maybe God is trying to teach you a lesson about how your priorities are wrong.”

But I knew as a man, my real duty was to provide long-term protection and purpose, not immediate comfort.

If I allowed her emotions to rule me, the mission would be compromised (again), and my efforts would be wasted.

Broke, ugly, and… getting laid?

But a funny thing happened when I held my ground against my wife’s “attacks”:

The bedroom came alive.

My wife started slimming and toning her body in order to please me (I didn’t have to ask.)

And all this was happening during a time when I was technically “unemployed.”

To make matters worse, I also had unsightly psoriasis flare up all over my body due to my stress and poor diet.

Frankly, I didn’t expect to get much action at all until I “got my shit together.”

But a woman’s actions speak louder than words.

To me, this was the ultimate validation that red pill philosophy was reality.

Women are attracted to men who stick to their values and refuse to compromise in the face of manipulation… in spite of what she may say or do in the moment of conflict.

Eventually, my freelance work picked up and my wife now has more peace of mind about the future.

And since learning how to eat like a man, I’ve been building muscle and my skin condition is improving.

But it’s not really about the external improvements.

It’s about the internal confidence that I’ve developed as a man.

This site is the product of 6 years of struggle. It’s a lifeline from a former boy who has recently learned to be a man.

I am casting out this lifeline to you, to help you reclaim your life and mission as a man.

The bottom line of what this is about:

This site is to help red pilled men transform into heroes.

It is NOT a place for men to complain about the “evils” and “injustices” of hypergamy. Hypergamy is the obstacle that makes you a stronger man.

It is NOT a place for churchians to promote their sectarian theology. Men who mentally masturbate to theology tend to be blind to basic biology.

It is NOT for “players” who only want an endless string of exotic adventures. A real man builds and protects his own tribe.

It is NOT for men who believe in “equal partnership” marriage. A comfortable eunuch is just as useless of a man as a “player.”

It is NOT for men who have no regard for the Bible. And I’m not just speaking to unbelievers; many “Christians” do not give a fuck what God’s Word actually says.

You don’t have to believe the Gospel to benefit from what I teach.

You don’t even have to agree with me.

But you do need to respect the time-tested wisdom of the Scriptures. If you cannot do that, you are an idiot and I have no interest in helping you contribute to the gene pool.

I believe in perpetual growth.

I do everything I can to keep my life in momentum. Always moving forward, breaking constraints, overcoming resistance.

This is for men who are in pursuit of truth… regardless of the cost.

Pursuing truth is a risky endeavor. It forces core beliefs to break apart and leads to long periods of uncertainty.

Nevertheless, risk-taking is the only safe path.

All that is fragile will crumble. Better to break it yourself than yourself be broken unexpectedly and beyond repair.

So if you desire to be a Soldier of Truth with me, let’s begin…

Fear and respect

Reader Matthew raises some concerns in response to yesterday’s post on the fear instinct in women:

Hey Brother,

Using your own source (strongs) for Ephesians 5:33 you may be in error – the correct translation seems to be “reverence”. From my brief review of the major translations, only the ISV shows “fear” as the translation, even the KJB uses “reverence”, NKJB “respect”…

Just CTRL+F the Ephesians passage in your source:

we husbands are called to love our wives as God loved His church, and God doesn’t beat us or the church into submission when we’re horrible so neither should we our wives. That’s not to say that we should not be able to defend ourselves and give her a solid slap; we need to avoid getting into the situation in the first place. Foresight, and the ability to discern a healthy minded woman is what will save us in the current year.

I’m sure it’s much more complicated when you’re being abused… and perhaps it becomes a lot simpler…

My two cents, anyway God bless!

First off, Matthew is correct that we are not called to beat our wives into submission. We are called to love and nourish her body.

I also agree that there is almost no situation where one would ever need to resort to physical violence with a woman. Foresight and communication skills are normally all that’s required to avoid violence.

It is worth noting though, unlike our present culture, God did not see the need to give any warning against “domestic abuse” or make it a sin to hit a woman.

I think there’s an important reason for that.

There are two issues here: the issue of translations, and the relationship of love and fear.

How to spot translation biases

In terms of translations, we have to remember that none of the popular Bible translations are literal word-for-word translations from the Greek. The translators make their word and phrase choices based on what they think the text means rather than choosing the closest equivalent words.

Some translations advertise themselves as “conservative”, but they don’t mean conservative to the Greek text, they mean conservative to traditional church doctrine.

The advantage of popular translations is they make for smooth reading and often use familiar poetic phrases that have become important expressions of faith in our language.

The disadvantage is we inherit the translators’ biases in the biblical text.

The biases can be easily exposed though by using a concordance and/or literal translations of the Bible. (You can find a list of literal translations online for free at Click the dropdown menu to see the options.)

The concordance for the Greek word phobeo shows that in every other case its used, even in the popular versions, the word is translated as “fear”, “afraid,” etc.

In one case it is translated as “awestruck.” But only in Ephesians 5:33 is it rendered “respect.”

Whenever you see a Greek word commonly translated into one word, but translated into a different word in one special instance, that’s a red flag. It means that the translators (intentionally or not) are probably suppressing an uncomfortable truth they’d rather keep hidden.

And a woman fearing her man is the uncomfortable truth.

Our fear of fear

Regardless, of what words we use to describe a woman’s state of submission, the important question is this:

What is the underlying mechanism that triggers “respect” or “reverence?”

Respect is an end state. We don’t automatically respect someone simply because they exist.

We respect those whom we fear.

We respect our bosses because we fear their disapproval (and subsequent loss of income.)

We show respect to police officers because we fear their power to punish us.

And we respect men who are stronger than us (at least to their face), because we fear offending them and getting an ass whipping.

Fear is a difficult subject to openly discuss today. We live in a post-Marxist culture that categorizes the world into “oppressors” and “oppressed.”

This is a relatively novel way of looking at the world. In ancient Rome, strength was virtue and weakness was “sin.” The Bible corrected the faults of this worldview, but it never eliminated the necessity of fear and respect in human relationships.

My grandfather was a great admiror of the Romans. He had a saying he told my dad, who passed it along to me:

“The day you can kick my ass is the day you can stop listening to me.”

While not entirely consistent with the Biblical ethos, it does highlight an important point:

When I become physically stronger than my father, I will no longer fear his disapproval of how I live my life. When I can “kick his ass”, I will be a completely free man.

Judging by the current trend, I expect to arrive at that point within 5-10 years.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean I’m going to physically assault my dad. What it means is there is an underlying mechanism of power.

When one person perceives another person as harmless, there is no need for fear. And without fear, we have no regard for the other’s judgments on us.

So it is when a woman perceives her man as harmless. She no longer fears his disapproval and thus has no cause to revere him.

Both the church and the state seem to be doing everything in their power to render men harmless to women.

But this is a form of depraved thinking. It goes against nature. Men are supposed to be stronger than women. Stronger means the capacity to physically overpower the woman, the capacity to humiliate her mentally with superior intelligence, and the ability to ignore her emotional manipulations.

Note that it is the capacity to overpower and humiliate the woman. Most women do not need a daily demonstration to get the point. The virtue of gentleness leads a man to hold back his strength, never exerting his maximum ability… only the amount the situation calls for.

A long-term relationship should mature beyond the point of fear. But fear is the starting point for any relationship involving authority and submission.

God always began his relationship with a people by demonstrating his power, not by showing his kindness. The power gives context to the kindness.

The strategy of reminding wives to “respect” their husbands regardless if they’re “worthy of it” is clearly not working. We need to build men that inspire fear.

Perhaps we can take a hint from the popular fairy tale:

It’s called Beauty and the Beast, not Beauty and the Kind-Hearted Prince.

How to get a little respect from a woman

I stumbled across this hard-hitting bit of advice from the Vox Day archives:

The solution is simple. It is very simple and it’s very effective. If a woman physically attacks you in a manner that indicates her serious intent to harm you, then you beat the living shit out of her. Beat her so badly, so painfully, that she fears for her life.

– Vox Day, “What to do when a girl hits you”

At first glance, this is shocking to read, but Vox brings up an important point about female nature.

Women are primarily motivated by fear… and they have a different relationship with fear than men do.

Women instinctively submit to those they fear the most. And fear in the presence of power is an instinctive arousal trigger to women.

Furthermore, it seems that women despise male passivity and respond with aggressiveness, verbal abuse and (in some cases) even physical violence towards the docile male.

Most men do not live with a physically violent woman, so Vox’s advice would not apply.

But the larger principle here is that, at the primal level, a woman needs to fear her husband.

And this is precisely what the Bible teaches:

Nevertheless let every one of you in particular love his wife as himself: and let the wife fear her husband.

– Ephesians 5:33

Modern translations sugar-coat this passage by changing “fear” to “respect.”

But “fear” is the appropriate translation:

And how does one cause a woman to fear him?

Not by politely requesting it.

A woman needs to be keenly aware of the power that a man has.

She needs to feel like she is living with a lion rather than a puppy.

This is why it is necessary for a woman to be “man-handled” from time to time at some level.

Not by beating her, of course.

But things need to get a little rough in the bedroom sometimes to remind her of the nature of the beast she is living with.

It is only when she fears her man at an instinctual level, that she will submit to him.

So there’s a little motivation to stay in shape.

Also, if you’re an SJW, this would be a great article to quote out of context.

Imputing the sins of the Jews

I wanted to address one final point from my “Twitter fight” with Michael Foster.

I get the impression that Michael is not interested in pursuing this topic further, but I wanted go a little further here for my own interest. Plus, I think it’s a good example on analyzing arguments.

The tweet above is a perfect example of the “Argument by Repetition” fallacy.

The leading point of the argument is “Rom. 3:9-18 is a solid description of man’s fallen state.”

But my very point of contention was whether the Bible teaches a “fallen state” at all. Rather than make an argument to justify this claim, he simply repeated his claim.

Regardless, let’s examine the Scripture in question…

What then? Are we better than they? Not at all; for we have already charged that both Jews and Greeks are all under sin

Romans 3:9

While the Greeks were “obvious” sinners. The Jews believed they were righteous because of their possession of the law.

Paul then quotes some poetic descriptions from the Old Testament to illustrate that Israel has indeed been living under sin.

He then describes how the law provided an awareness of sin, not justification from it.

We then come to that all-important statement:

But Know apart from the Law the righteousness of God has been manifested, being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets, even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all those who believe; for there is no distinction; for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

Romans 3:21-23

Many Evangelical Christians like to quote the last part of that verse “for all have sinned…” but they ignore the context that frames the meaning (“for there is no distinction.”)

Nowhere does Paul teach that all men born before and that ever will be born have been corrupted by sin in “his mind, will, emotions, and flesh.”

What he did say is both simple and profound: both the Jews and the Greeks, in spite of their contrasting cultures, were living under sin and needed a Savior.

Implied in this statement is the remarkable reality that God does not show partiality to people based on their religion or culture. He desires to save all peoples.


Lest, anyone think I’m advocating an “all people all good” worldview, I am not.

Evil is real. And it is still in the world. And it is people who do this evil.

What I am saying is let’s not add to God’s word by calling what He created “good” sinful. And let us not call God’s redeemed people “sinners.”

Such thinking diverts our attention from the fact there is still evil in the world that needs to be exposed.

And it is the children of light who must expose the deeds of darkness.

Your friendly neighborhood heretic

Depending on your worldview, you will see the following Twitter exchange as either an exercise in pettiness on my part, or a clear demonstration how ego-investment in theology makes a man utterly incapable of basic logic.

Either way, enjoy the show. (The most important bits are at the end.)

I didn’t bother pointing out that saying Romans 3 is where Paul describes “the nature of man’s fallen state” is a “snuck premise” (i.e. presenting the very point of contention as a given.)

His final statement reveals the root issue.

I suspect Michael’s core philosophy is not unlike most pastors.

His highest allegiance is to his theology.

Theology is the altar upon which unity, reason, and the pursuit of truth are sacrificed.

And Michael is one of the few “good guys” left in the church that advocates positive masculinity.

Just imagine the damage one could do if he shared the same allegiance to theology and was anti-male…

If pointing out these inconsistencies makes me a heretic, then a heretic I shall be. I will do my best to be a friendly one… or at least a somewhat entertaining one.

The Unlimited Profit Formula (for evil people)

If you are an evil person, here’s a great way to generate all the wealth and power you want for life.

It works like this:

First, exalt an artificial ideal that sounds noble but runs contrary to human instinct.

You might be wondering how you can get people to do things that are unnatural?


Use fear.

There are 6 basic fears every human has:

  • fear of poverty
  • fear of criticism
  • fear of bad health
  • fear of being alone
  • fear of old age
  • fear of death

Associating an unnatural (but noble-sounding) ideal to one or more of these fears is the foundation of control.

Here’s what happens:

The target, motivated by fear, will strive towards the ideal.

Yet the lack of natural motivation guarantees the target will never reach the ideal. (Plus the ideal is ambiguous and so the standard can always be increased if needed.)

So the target strives towards the ideal for a short time, but of course he falls short. This creates an opportunity to shame him. It is also usually the best time to sell him a “solution.”

This phenomenon doesn’t just happen once. It repeats itself perpetually.

We can create an insatiable artificial need out of thin air… simply be leveraging fear.

Can you see the potential here?

I know this is abstract, so here’s a few examples of some successful campaigns to inspire you:

“Man up.”

The context here implies that if the man doesn’t “man up” for his woman, she’s going to leave him.

The man does not feel like devoting his free time to serving his wife, but he doesn’t want to be alone. So he tries to “help out more” and do more acts of service for her.

This is a great time to sell marriage books & seminars, men’s retreats, etc.

And then after his short-lived attempt to “man up” fails, remind him again how short he’s falling. Leverage the shame to sell him more seminars.

“Work hard”

“Work hard” is a great line that has been used to successfully control men for some time now.

The context implies that those who “work hard” stay employed. And no man wants to be subjected to poverty.

Man’s natural instinct is to conserve his energy for only the most important tasks. But if he’s striving to be a “hard worker” there is no limit to the hours of labor that can be extracted from him.

He will gladly invent “busy work” just to show his manager how hard he’s working.

This ideal is doubly effective because not only does it appeal to a man’s fear of poverty, but also to his fundamental instinct to be a provider.

“Sexual purity”

Another effective campaign introduced in religious cultures.

Men like naked women. But they also don’t want to go to hell.

This creates unlimited demand for confessions and “sexual purity” education.

How to not be stupid

If you grew up going to public school, you’ve probably been conditioned to suppress your intelligence.

Not only is public school culture dominated by low-IQ bullies who ridicule signs of intelligence… but the teachers themselves are not particularly bright.

After all, why would an intelligent person want to spend their life babysitting a bunch of feral children?

What are the signs of low intelligence? Illimitable Men summed it up nicely in a tweet:

Most people are uncomfortable with the idea of inequality. Some try to act smarter than they are. Some try to hide their intelligence to blend in.

The open hostility towards highly intelligent people in our culture can only lead to disaster. High IQs are kicked out of universities & pulpits for speaking truths deemed offensive by a low-intelligence culture.

Instead, we are left with sectarian rhetoric. Words that tickle our ears and stir the emotions, but do not stimulate serious thought or challenge us to grow.

My advice to my readers is simple: don’t be stupid.

You don’t have to be a genius. Just use enough of your brain to avoid being stupid.

I’ve noticed that stupidity can be contextually trained. People who might be intelligent in the context of their profession, suddenly become retarded when it comes to reading the Bible or interpreting current events.

Here are a few stupid ways of thinking to avoid in any context:

1.”But what about X?”

This occurs when people hear a generalization that doesn’t align with what they’ve been trained to believe. Rather than checking if they can confirm the rule in most cases, they look for the rare exception and present it as evidence of disproving the rule.

Feminists argue like this all the time. You can say that men are better at making money than women, and they’ll pull up a handful of special cases where a woman became a self-made millionaire.

The exception confirms the rule. The fact that something is special and worth noting indicates that it is not the norm.

2. Using personal or ideological context, rather than original context

What comes before frames the meaning of what comes after.

You cannot bring your own context and superimpose it onto a text. Look at what the author said before the statement in question. It really is that simple.

3. Mistaking logical consistency for reality

The brain is hardwired to like logic. And charlatans know this.

Philosophies and theologies based on falsehoods will almost always be logically consistent. This puts your brain at ease. Everything neatly falls into place so you think it must be true.

But internal coherence is not the same as correspondence with reality.

If you cannot confirm a general truth for yourself through observation, it’s probably bullshit. Nobody has “secret knowledge” that is not observable by ordinary people.

4. “Words don’t matter.”

If someone is disagreeing with you, it is more likely that they are using a different definition of terms than you.

As Vox Day has pointed out, the earliest tell of a charlatan is that they will use a common term in an uncommon way to suit his arguments.

If you call them out on this, they will typically accuse you of being petty, that the words aren’t the important thing, or (ironically) accuse you of redefining words.

I’ve also noticed that religious charlatans will mask the meaning of the original common Greek terms and replace it with a new religious meaning. The religious meaning then becomes the common meaning and it becomes almost impossible to refute without appearing petty or even like a charlatan yourself.

I must admit, I am impressed with the level of sophistication religious charlatans have implemented over the centuries.

It is not a waste of time to clearly understand the terms you are using. On the other hand, it is a waste of time to argue with someone who will not accept your (or the author’s) usage of a term.

5. Not checking the logic.

Often times, things that are fundamentally nonsensical get passed off as truth simply because of rhythm.

I kid you not.

Rhythm, alliteration, rhyming, etc. has a similar effect on the brain as logic. Because it’s so catchy, we think it must be true.

“Might makes right.”

“Happy wife, happy life.”

“Time is money.”

They make great soundbites, but they don’t hold up well under logical scrutiny.

Morality is determined by whoever is the strongest?

If making your wife happy is how to achieve happiness, doesn’t that mean the husband is subservient to her emotions?

Is making money really the purpose of our time?

We live in a culture that exalts stupidity. If you are lazy in your thinking, you will default to stupid thinking.

Exercise your intelligence and stay alert, soldier.