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Recently, my younger sister was caught doing some “bad things.”

I don’t need to go into details, but if you’re familiar the red pill, you know the kind of trouble a 17-year old girl can get into with the wrong kind of guys.

As useful as the red pill is for a man in terms of sexual strategy, there is a dark and frightening side to it: raising daughters.

My wife was angry because my sister was using her visits to our home as a safe haven to coordinate her schemes.

As for me, I didn’t feel angry because I wasn’t surprised. This was not her first time and she had no regrets. I felt sad because I was witnessing the full effect of Satan’s deception in my own family.

There was much more going on than just a girl acting out.

I explained to my wife that there were two disturbing truths we had to consider as parents if we didn’t want our daughter to go down the same path.

First, a girl becomes sexually awakened at around 13 years old. Yet our culture expects women to wait until they’re at least in their mid-twenties before marrying. If we follow that script, it means that a young woman experiences over ten years of sexual suppression between the time she craves to be penetrated by a man and when conservative culture deems it appropriate for her to be with a man.

But, as we know, most young women do not wait that long. (Or, if they do, they have many bad associations about sex that leads to a joyless marriage.)

This is an uncomfortable truth that a father should not take lightly.

Secondly, the message preached in most Christian homes is simply “wait until marriage.”

My sister had no shortage of warnings growing up. She knew anything outside of marriage was sinful.

Yet, I’m afraid all she heard was “God doesn’t want you to have sex.”

And this is precisely what Satan wants young girls to believe. It makes the path of sin all the more appealing.

Remember that Satan hates the woman. He will do whatever he can to destroy her… whether it’s robbing her of joy or leading her astray into “liberation.”

So what is a father to do?

Frankly, I don’t know the exact answers right now. As a church culture, we’ve become so uncomfortable talking about sex that I don’t know if any father knows what to do.

But I do know that what we have been doing isn’t working out well. And putting the issue off for another day is a poor strategy.

Now, I’m not denying that young women bear responsibility for their choices. But we are also called to not put a stumbling block in front of our daughters.

Because of the severity of the topic and my own ignorance on what to do, I’m adding a “fatherhood” category to my blog to chronicle any future insights I find on this matter.