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I talk a lot about the importance of being “antifragile.”

The concept comes from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book. And, admittedly, the book is a difficult read… even if you consider yourself an intellectual. The concept is simple in theory. But the nuances are complex. The challenge is recognizing how the concept applies to whatever area of life you’re trying to analyze.

One of the most important areas of life to be antifragile in is finances. This is my weak area right now.

I’ve managed to learn a valuable antifragile skill (copywriting), but I’ve done a terrible job at monetizing it. Part of this was due to my own ignorance and lack of initiative. The other part was a common 21st century problem: an overwhelming number of options combined with a lack of guiding principles.

Antifragility is the guiding principle that allowed me to sift through the noise and cut out what’s not worth pursuing. After pondering the concept for almost a year, I’m finally starting to get it on a personal level.

To that end, I’ve constructed a financial plan for myself that fits the antifragile criteria. You can follow it if you wish. There’s no guarantee it will make you (or me) extraordinarily wealthy. But it is carefully designed to avoid mistakes that could lead to poverty.

(Recommended resources are embedded in the list.)

  1. Learn the basics of copywriting and negotiation.
  2. Identify your “skin in the game” value proposition(s) (i.e. what are some important problems you have first-hand experience solving?)
  3. Practice writing copy every day for a future product you will create (or someone else’s product you’ve successfully used)
  4. Leverage your skill and examples to get clients as a freelance copywriter*
  5. Pay off your debt and build a “screw you fund” as quickly as possible
  6. Start growing your audience and/or network
  7. Build a “10-Minute Workday” business
  8. Build another “10-Minute Workday” business
  9. Take a monthly income of about 3x your housing cost
  10. Invest extra cash using the “Triangle Investing” strategy
  11. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to invest in a “Star Business

The fun stuff is at the end. But the boring fundamentals are required to get the money needed to do the fun stuff.

You could also make money doing other kinds of freelance work like coding or design. But I don’t know the market or how well it pays. Regardless, if you ever need to send an email or talk to someone, you need to learn basic copywriting and negotiating.