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It’s an unspoken fantasy of every man to be married to an insatiable sex kitten.

The p0rn world understands this. The church does not.

Today, I’m seeking to remedy that problem. I’ve put together what is, to my knowledge, the only comprehensive plan available to Christian men on how to get from “Point A” (disappointing sex life) to “Point B” (a sex life so good that pornography will seem boring.)

Granted, this is a plan, not a guaranteed formula. You’ll have to do some experimenting and adjustments on your own.

I’ve yet to master the process myself. But I can say that it’s based on solid principles that have been proven throughout history. And, to the limited extent that I’ve applied each of the techniques, it has certainly helped to activate my wife’s sexual desire. I dare say they will do the same for you.

Aside from tuning in to my random musings, this resource will be the primary reason for this site’s existence. I intend to update it often and make it increasingly more useful, so check back frequently. You’ll find the link below. I’ve also added a permanent link to the menu on the home page.

The Ultimate Guide to Wife Seduction