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Reader AH responds to my previous post on advice for young single men:

I was hoping you would talk more on “urgent question” #3. Jobs are easy, and anyone with 2 brain cells can get one. Getting a wife seems more difficult

First off, I need to clarify something:

A job is not the same thing as a career.

A job is what you do to pay the bills now.

A career is what you want to be doing 3 years from now.

What you’re doing now speaks volumes about what kind of man you’ve been in the past. And a woman’s hypergamous instincts pick up on this. If you haven’t arrived yet, she needs to at least detect that you’re going someplace interesting. No woman wants to be with a man who is content with mediocrity.

Examples of high sexual market value careers:

  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Stockbroker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Successful artist
  • Professional athlete

Examples of mid-level sexual market value careers:

  • Engineer
  • Programmer
  • Accountant
  • Mid-level manager
  • Owning a non-innovative business (e.g. franchise, inherited business, etc.)

Examples of low sexual market value careers:

  • Low paid blue collar
  • Janitor
  • Food service
  • Struggling freelancer

This isn’t exhaustive list, but it should give you enough examples to give you the idea.

High SMV careers involve leadership, risk-taking, and persevering through obstacles. When successful, not only do men with these careers provide financial security, but they become more sexually attractive by the nature of their work.

Mid SMV careers require above average intelligence and work ethic. Men with these careers provide women with the comfort of financial security, but don’t create sexual attraction. Women will see these men as good options if they have some other attractive quality (e.g. good looks, cocky humor, popularity, a strong frame, high testosterone).

Low SMV careers don’t require much intelligence or risk-taking and can actually be quite difficult to even get a job in due to competition. A man with this kind of career has a difficult life and is probably invisible to most women unless he has exceptional women skills.

Obviously, you should pursue a career that will be enjoyable to you, not just because it has a high SMV.

The higher SMV careers are more difficult to attain and often involve a temporary lowering of status. I’m pursuing what could be classified as the “successful artist” (writer) path. But right now, I’m closer to the “struggling freelancer” status.

Once you’re career is established, the key is to go after girls that appreciate your value.

If you’re a doctor, go after health-conscious girls.

If you’re a lawyer, go after girls who want to help bring about justice (though maybe stay away from “social justice warriors.”)

If you’re an artist, go after creative girls.

If you’re an athlete, go after fitness girls.

If you’re an entrepreneur, go after entrepreneurial girls.

If you have a mid-level SMV career with no intentions of pursuing a high SMV career, then find a hobby that you can display your masculine attractiveness through:

If you’re an outdoor guy, go after outdoor girls.

If you’re into traveling, go after women that want to travel.

If you’re into classic literature, go after chicks that dig that stuff.

You get the idea. No man can be appealing to every type of women. You’ve got to fish where your kind of fish are.