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This is a prayer I delivered at my church this morning. About a dozen people or so expressed appreciation for the prayer after the service (out of a congregation of maybe 100 people)… including an elderly woman who thanked me with tears in her eyes for addressing the issue.

It’s a small sample, but I think the high response rate indicates people are ready to start talking about this problem.

Feel free to plagiarize or revise this prayer for your own purposes.

Father, I want to pray a special prayer this morning for the young men of our nation.

Today’s young men are growing increasingly apathetic and cynical. They are passively observing the downfall of Western culture, yet they have no motivation to save the good.

A large number of young men today have become bitter towards women and are “going their own way.” And this movement is gaining more and more momentum. As a result we are on the verge of a major crisis in the marriage market.

And these young men are afraid, Father. They are afraid to take risks. They are afraid to build. They are afraid of being rejected.

These are the Lost Boys. The orphans. They lack positive examples of masculinity. And they are shamed in every corner of society for their so-called “toxic” masculinity.

We live in a culture that exalts the weak. And strength is made into an evil.

We have lost the way of men, and as a result, we are losing our men… either literally through suicide, or figuratively through apathy and aimlessness.

Our young men today are without direction. Without confidence. And without hope.

Father, we live in an age of abundant information. We have access to more information than ever before. And yet deception is all around us.

It can be difficult to determine what is true… what will stand and what will crumble over time.

To navigate this era of great uncertainty, we need men to rise up. Men to lead their families. Men to lead the weak. Men to rebuild the culture.

So I ask Father, that you will allow examples and teachings of positive masculinity to break through the noise in the next few years so that more young men can be reached before they lose hope.

I pray that any man who is seeking perspective and guidance on how to lead himself and lead his family, will have easy access to such knowledge and that he will have no need to feel ashamed for being a man or for developing his strength to lead as you have called him to do.

All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our King