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While reading Napoleon Hill’s classic success manual, The Law of Success, I was able to tease out a simple and intuitive scheme for personal success.

  1. Use your imagination to decide what you want
  2. Correct your weaknesses that might prevent from obtaining what you desire
  3. Skillfully and tactfully induce others to cooperate

Or, in short:

  1. Decide
  2. Correct
  3. Induce

Here’s an example how it applies to the topic of this blog:

First, you must tap into your inner fantasy. What do you want your marriage and sex life to look like? Become resolute in your conscience that what you want is both allowable by God and good to pursue. Then decide (rather than wish) that you will pursue it.

Second, correct your character deficiencies that will prevent you from achieving your aim. Eliminate your anti-seductive qualities and increase your testosterone.

Third, skillfully induce your wife to embrace your fantasy in such a way where your desires and her desires merge in perfect harmony. In other words, learn the art of seduction.

Most men sort of half-ass their time on Step 1 by watching pornography. But there’s a big difference between wishing you had something and truly desiring it. A wish focuses on what you’re missing and tends to lead to self-pity. A desire focuses on what you want to obtain and leads to action.

Once you know what you want and prepare yourself to get it, the majority of your life will be spent inducing cooperation from others.