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Let’s get something clear:

The power to have a happy marriage and blessed sex life comes from within the woman.

It doesn’t matter how much you “need” sex. It doesn’t matter how often you try to rationally explain to her why she needs to change her behavior.

All you need is the desires that God has already placed deep in her heart and loins.

Without a man to guide her, these desires have no direction. She does not know what she wants. Her inner life is a state of conflicting emotions and chaotic thoughts.

Your job is to bring her focus on these desires and give them a goal. You do not create anything new; you simply channel and direct what already exists.

You are the shepherd of her womanly yearnings.

With that said, the first step is to know what these desires are. Below is a summary of the 8 desires that every normal woman has. It’s a safe bet to assume that your wife is no different.

  1. Work hard to earn a man’s approval
  2. See social proof that her man is high quality
  3. Subordinate herself to a worthy man’s mission
  4. Yield her frame to a more powerful man
  5. Be kept in a perpetual state of intrigue and erotic tension
  6. Explore her sensual imagination
  7. A sexual man who makes known what he wants
  8. Sensual, passionate and “rough” sex

Ponder these desires. Know them intimately. They will serve you well.

Don’t be fooled by what you see on the surface. A woman’s beliefs and behavior will often contradict her true desires. She needs your help to bring them out.

NOTE: These 8 desires were adapted from the 16 Commandments of Poon.