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Godly Influence:

  1. Empathize with the pain
  2. Show the consequences of the present path
  3. Show the bliss of the path of wisdom
  4. Provide sensible boundaries to protect the bliss
  5. Re-frame struggles into triumphs


Evil Influence:

  1. Draw attention to a restriction (manufacture pain)
  2. Deny the consequences of breaking the restriction
  3. Highlight the desirability of transgression


Churchian Influence:

  1. Add restrictions and expand the definition of sin
  2. Preach the consequences of transgression
  3. Exhort people to try harder to do good
  4. Act shocked and appalled when the younger generation leaves the church and turns to evil
  5. Adapt the new evil into the church to be more “relevant”


Sequence matters.