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We certainly live in interesting times and I’ve no doubt it’s about to get much more interesting.

The great military strategist John Boyd taught that the key to strategic advantage is the ability to orient yourself to new situations faster than your opponent.

There are some rising trends that I (and people much smarter than myself) have been tracking that I expect will result in some massive culture shifts.

Most people will be caught completely off guard. They’ll experience so much cognitive dissonance they won’t be able to act or adapt.

But, hey, since you’re a smart person and read my blog, you won’t have to be surprised 🙂

Even if this stuff doesn’t come to pass as I predict, the trends behind the predictions are already in motion. It’s a good exercise to at least prepare yourself.

Keep in mind, I’m not passing judgment yet on whether these things are good or bad. The first step is awareness.

The 3 major shifts:

Culture Shift #1: Massive existential crisis

Automation will leave most people with no work to do. At least no work in the traditional sense of somebody telling them what to do. The work that is done will be self-defined and creative. But few people are prepared to make that shift.

The people who own the machines that replace workers will become insanely wealthy and will be heavily taxed.

Assuming the government doesn’t let the masses starve to death, most people will live on a “basic income” provided to them from the tax revenue.

With no pre-defined work for people to do, there will be a great hunger for meaning.

Spiritual teachers will be in high demand and will be able to earn a comfortable living off of their teaching… for better or for worse.

Culture Shift #2: Virtual tribes

This is already happening. But I think it will become more common in the near future.

People are interacting less and less with their physical neighborhoods. Nowadays, you can even earn your income online.

People still seek community, but they seek community by beliefs rather than geography.

The red pill is great example of this. I only know one “real life” person who is red pilled. Yet I’ve interacted with dozens of red pilled men online.

Sooner or later though, people crave face-to-face fellowship. So meetups are organized. People travel to a location to meet like-minded people.

In the future, I doubt local community will be important. Less people will own homes. The ease and lowered cost of travel will give rise to a more nomadic lifestyle… at least in the early stage of people’s lives.

People will form “tribes” that initially congregate online. Later, they will meetup in the flesh. And perhaps later, they will even form a physical community and live together.

Communities will be determined not by where you were born, but by what you believe.

Culture Shift #3: Breakdown of the nuclear family

By “nuclear family” I mean one father, one mother, and one or more children. Some will still live like this, but it will no longer be the norm.

The majority of men have been pussified through propaganda and a variety of testosterone sapping schemes. This leaves the majority of men undesirable to women.

And yet hypergamy and the instinct to breed still drives women. So we have the “alpha fucks” and “beta bucks” phenomenon on a widespread scale.

MGTOWers are realizing it’s a shitty deal to be a beta buck and are deciding to opt out of marriage and women altogether.

So we have a bit of a problem here.

Every woman wants to get pregnant. Most men are undesirable and/or unwilling to perform the task.

Severe shortage of men.

Logically, there will be two types of women in the future:

  1. Those that want an long-term relationship with the father
  2. Those that don’t

Those who don’t want an LTR with the father, will become either single mothers or have some sort of “open relationship” arrangement that pairs her with a beta provider or two while she fucks alphas on the side.

Maybe she lives with her parents or girlfriends or whatever.

Point is, it’s anything but a nuclear family of father, mother, children.

On the other hand, some (many?) women will see the value of being paired with her child’s father.

But this young woman will face a crisis.

80%+ of men are undesirable. They are lazy slobs who don’t have a mission, watch porn and play video games all day, and would rather use a sex doll than a real woman to relieve themselves.

And of the 20% or less of men who are desirable, most of them are not prepared for fatherhood. Either they are choosing to delay marriage or they are not mature enough to be a parent.

And so most women who wish to find a husband and father for her children will be unable to do so.

On a cultural level (not the individual level) monogamy and the nuclear family is fragile. It will not be able to withstand the upcoming changes.

This raises some serious questions. Especially if you’re a parent.