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Here are two troubling enigmas that are beyond my current understanding:

  1. Why do the vast majority of people choose to remain stagnant when it is in their power to change?
  2. How do we reconcile the drive to create life-saving technology with the consequence of more unhealthy people reproducing (saving lives vs. decline in beauty and genetic fitness)?

Both questions are related. People have far more power to change than we acknowledge. Apparently, we even have the power to change our genetic expression, thus becoming healthier and more attractive and producing beautiful babies (see the book Deep Nutrition.)

It is creative, intelligent, attractive people who invent and propagate the ideas and technology that allows unhealthy, unattractive people to live. Biblically, this seems right as each life has inherent dignity.

Yet it seems that the vast majority of recipients of this new freedom to live do not make much of it. They remain unhealthy (both physically and spiritually) and grow worse as time goes on (e.g. the fat angry feminist and the bitter emasculated soy boy). They develop a victim mindset and seem to serve little purpose other than to prop up an increasingly tyrannical government.

One hypothesis I have is that the spiritual health eventually manifests itself physically. For example, poor genetic fitness and physical unattractiveness is a result of poor nutrition which is a result of disregarding the wisdom of our ancestors (“honor your parents so that your days may be long…”) Also, continued poor health is a symptom of a lack of self-control, one of the spiritual fruits. And mental instability is (at least in part) a result of repeating negative or fearful thoughts; people who don’t dwell on “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute” tend to have mental problems.

Our beliefs can be reprogrammed through propaganda so that we think what is ugly and unhealthy is acceptable. But it appears that propaganda cannot change our biological instincts. Men don’t want to mate with ugly women and women don’t want to mate with mentally weak men.

So, perhaps in the end, the seed of the spiritually unhealthy eventually dies out when it becomes physically manifest to the point of being sexually repulsive.

But perhaps God is so merciful that He wants to give the lower class a fighting chance. Even if it results in an epidemic fat ugly feminists and bitter mentally unstable men who reject Him. Perhaps God is willing to put up with a lot of crap just for the sake of a few repulsive people to repent and choose life… both in the spiritual sense and (as a consequence) a more vibrant physical life.